Birds Eye Green Cuisine 4 Veggie Quarter Pounders

4.4 5 0 58 58 Vegetable quarter pounder coated in light breadcrumbs, lightly fried.<br> For a Sustainable Tomorrow. Making a difference with responsibly sourced and prepared food every day.
Birds Eye Green Cuisine 4 Veggie Quarter Pounders


Loved these, either on there own or in a burger bun or pitta
Not impressed
Bought these for my sister who is a part time veggie and had to try for myself. I just thought they were a bit dry and bland. Wasn’t very impressed. Safe to say I’ll be sticking to meat for now
Really nice
I tried the burgers as an alternative to beef and I really liked them they loads of veg in them and really tasty
My go to!
Once I tried these I knew they were going to be a family favourite, they're tasty and are a great addition to our family meals, being vegetarian it's great when a product delivers
Great product
Brought these for my sister who is vegetarian verging on being vegan. Tasty and very palatable. A great alternative for myself who enjoy meat but also like vegetarian options.
If you are vegan or vegetarian or just want a tasty alternative to meat these are for you. I enjoy these aswell as the fingers the also do. They could be bigger but they are filling
Lovely texture full of flavour and great value for money, I'm picky with veg burgers but these are 100% winner.
Old school vegetarian burgers
These remind me of the veggie burgers that were available everywhere when I was younger, before fake meat products took over. These aren't trying to look or taste like meat. I like that for a change, they feel more natural and less processed. You can see the veg, and the coating is crispy and holds it all together well. These are not vegan as they contain mozzarella cheese and egg. I can't taste that much of the cheese, and feel these need a bit of ketchup to make a really good burger but they are perfectly nice enough. I have rated them 3 as the supermarket own brand equivalent I also tried were a third cheaper, the same size and thickness and just as good to eat.
Great flavour
These are my favourite vegetarian patty options to date! The flavour is great and they cook very easily.
Really good
Really good! Personally prefer this to mock meat burgers. Really nice as a filler instead of using falafel
Tasty tasty and tasty
Adore these and recently been diagnosed with gallstones and have basically been vegetarian since it happend! And these are beautiful, tasty, even my kids like these, nice and filling with plenty on veg packed in !!! Go and buy some now
One of, if not best frozen veg burger
Both me and my mum are vegetarian, my mum for over 40 years and me for over 10. I’ve grown up with her home cooking because when I was younger, veggie options weren’t as easily accessible as they are today. Thankfully, we now have lots of options. However there are some that are stand outs. These burgers are an example of that. So many of these style burgers are pure mush, filled with unidentifiable ingredients and incredibly bland. These are very flavourful and no mush in sight! They are filled with chucks of all different veggies and seasoned to perfection - almost as good as my mums homemade! Definitely recommend for veggies and meat eaters alike!
Love birds eye veggie burgers, always packed full of flavour and make an easy quick meal!
Amazing flavour
I love these burgers, they taste great! I love that the veg is still whole instead of mashed together. I would recommend these to anyone. My partner likes them too and he's a huge meat eater.
Lazy tea
These are my go to when I can’t be bothered cooking on a Friday! Perfect for me as a veggie but also a favourite for my autistic son, goes great with ketchup and Mayo.

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