4.6 5 0 34 34 Eat The Rainbow The more colourful veg you eat, the more likely you are to get the everyday goodness you need. Well the good news is.. our yummy potato waffles now share a bag with some colourful friends. What's more, our waffles are frozen so the goodness** is locked in. Classic potato Superb sweet potato Great garden pea Beautiful beetroot **Low in saturated fat. Reducing the consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
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Colourful for fussy children
Hi I tried these last week and loved them! They're much tastier than normal waffles. Would definitely recommend!
these are small and yummy. it has a good variety and crispy.
Tasty,bright great for a child sight.
I purchased for my children as something a little different from the ordinary,they went down really well am my children loved them really brighter up the plates at tea time even better that they are veg!
Fussy child
I have a very fussy child but she loves these as they are unicorn ones little does she know they have vegetables in them highly recommended
Tastier than normal waffles
Hi I tried these last week and loved them! They're much tastier than normal waffles. Would definitely recommend!
Great for all the family,great way to get veg into the kids,nice change from chips.
Mini waffles
My grandchildren love these little mini waffles. The said they are little windows hahaha. Then make little faces on them. And yes always nothing left on their plates. So if my little munchkins say their yummy. Then their yummy
Very veggie
Brought for s change to chips. So glad I did. Cooked well in oven. Tasted wonderful, loving the vegetable choice too. Defo buying again.
love these
these look good on the plate. daughter loves them too. i really like them too.
Sneaky vegetables
Brilliant way of sneaking vegetables into our children, my kids loved them just as much as the plain waffles and the great bit is there are vegetables inside, which in turn means they are healthier, now a regular buy in my house.
A good veggie option
Bought these for the grandkids as they are not too keen on veggies. They really liked the rainbow colour and the overall taste. Will use this again when they visit and maybe inbetween for the adults.
Little colourful veggie perfect for kids snack
Love this product because of its simple preparation, colour, taste and size. Perfect snack for kid.
sorry but these were vile i popped them on the kids plates and they refused to eat them so i tried them HORRIBLE
Tasty product
My son and I loved these, very tasty and easy to cook.
These are brilliant. My toddler loves them and I know he's getting veggies without the usual fuss. Frozen and quick to cook means they're a great staple to have in the house. Only downside is that so far I can only get them from Iceland, which is not a place I usually shop in.

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