4.4 5 0 63 63 Eat The Rainbow The more colourful veg you eat, the more likely you are to get the everyday goodness you need. Well the good news is.. our yummy potato waffles now share a bag with some colourful friends. What's more, our waffles are frozen so the goodness** is locked in. Classic potato Superb sweet potato Great garden pea Beautiful beetroot **Low in saturated fat. Reducing the consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
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Did not entice my little unicorn
I thought these may entice my unicorn mad daughter to try some different veggies, I was wrong, they were horrid! Dry, tasteless, and cardboardy, I know have half a bag that everyone refuses to eat!
not the best
I found the taste a little strange but my nieces ate them up and was a good way of getting veggies into their diet as usually they ask for pizza and chips when hanging out with their aunt!
Birdseye rainbow waffles
Amazing way to get some goodness into my children! They often resist adding colour to their plates but this clever bag of waffles helps me do just that. A great addition to a quick family tea
these are by far the worse thing i've tried apart from Brussel sprouts foul taste ,little boy wouldn't attempt i'm not surprised not my best product i've brought
Kids love them
Great idea! My kids love them! They think there just colourful waffles but actually full with veggies. Fantastic
Children didnt like
Bought them for my grandchildren they didnt like tham at all
Great for fussy eaters!
My daughter loves these waffles! She is usually such a fussy eater but with the lovely colours on her plate, she will devour the lot! A winner in my house :)
Perfect for school nights
A great item for quick and easy school night dinners and you know your child is getting a bit of extra veg in their meals!! They also love the rainbow colours so it adds a bit of fun to it as well!! Super easy to cook
I really can not recommend these enough, they are amazing I usually have such a picky eating 8 year old and she just took one look at these and ate them straight away and they are so yummy I loved them myself 😍
Good for kids
It’s a great way to get extra veg into your kids and make dinner a bit more fun me and my 5 year old was teaching our toddler colours with them too. They were good value for money too.
Tricking kids
My 5yr old is a pain with eating veg so bought these as a change as he loves waffles. To my surprise he left the normal ones and ate all the others saying the 1 he liked lots which turned out to be the sweet potato. No more orig waffles in our house now. Just hope new flavours of veg are introduced soon
Not my waffle
I bought these for my family try as we usually buy Birdseye waffles and I thought the kids would like the fact they are all different colours.We did enjoy the normal potato and sweet potato waffles however none of us liked the green pea waffles or the red beetroot waffles so they ended up being thrown away I wouldn't buy these again.
Can't fool my kids
Tried these with my kids. My middle child was very wise and didn't try a single one. My other two liked them but not the pea flavoured one. Probably not something they would eat again.
Great way to get extra veg for fussy eaters
great product to get extra veg into fussy eaters myself included. Felt the beetroot one had a strong flavour and a little dry but overall great product
Great way to get some hidden veg in!
These taste pretty good, but they are a little dry. A good way to get some hidden veg into your children’s diet though!

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