4.3 5 0 67 67 Eat The Rainbow The more colourful veg you eat, the more likely you are to get the everyday goodness you need. Well the good news is.. our yummy potato waffles now share a bag with some colourful friends. What's more, our waffles are frozen so the goodness** is locked in. Classic potato Superb sweet potato Great garden pea Beautiful beetroot **Low in saturated fat. Reducing the consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
Birds Eye Rainbow Mini Waffles Frozen
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Not my waffle
I bought these for my family try as we usually buy Birdseye waffles and I thought the kids would like the fact they are all different colours.We did enjoy the normal potato and sweet potato waffles however none of us liked the green pea waffles or the red beetroot waffles so they ended up being thrown away I wouldn't buy these again.
Can't fool my kids
Tried these with my kids. My middle child was very wise and didn't try a single one. My other two liked them but not the pea flavoured one. Probably not something they would eat again.
Great way to get extra veg for fussy eaters
great product to get extra veg into fussy eaters myself included. Felt the beetroot one had a strong flavour and a little dry but overall great product
Great way to get some hidden veg in!
These taste pretty good, but they are a little dry. A good way to get some hidden veg into your children’s diet though!
Hidden veg
If your child is anything like mine and won't eat veg, try these! My son absolutely loves them ad there full of greatness for him. Just like normal potato waffles but makes it more fun as there different colour. They taste amazing! I'd definitely recommend if you have fussy toddler try these!!
Yummy in my tummy
I have to get this for my grandchild because she says they are yummy in her tummy.
2 year old wasn't impressed
The waffles are a great idea at getting extra veg into your little ones as they are very bright and colourful. My 2 year old however quickly worked out they weren't like the normal potato waffles and wasn't keen on the purple or green ones. I think a less strong flavour would work a lot better.
Great idea
Amazing idea and great for picky eaters like my daughter. Buying these means she has a variety or different flavours and colours without knowing they are actually not all the same
Great idea to get my fussy toddler to eat more of a variety. He ate all of these without a grumble
Granddaughter wasn't impressed
Bought these for my granddaughter to go with her unicorns! She was not impressed and tried a few but did not finish any of them and I must admit, they didn't look very appealing to me either. Have tried her with them again since and had the same reaction.
Great idea
My son loves waffles and is fussy. I gave him these and he ate them but said can we have the old ones. Great idea if I could get him to eat them
Kids think these are great.
Children like them. Cant complain at all. Great product
Fussy eater
I absolutely love the idea of this product. My toddler who is very fussy but loves chips and waffles actually tried these with barely realising that they’re a bit different than the ordinary ones and finished a whole portion. Thank you!
Fights over favourite colours
Now we love a waffle in this household anyway but now you adding colours to the mix you have created the 'no I want the red ones' argument in the household. Thank you for the variety but no thank you for the fighting kids
great variety
I bought these for my kids, They have a great variety and are brill that they are different colours that made my kids want to eat them, also a great individual size, I tried them and I think they taste lovely I would definitely recommend them to anyone with kids especially to try.

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