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Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles Frozen
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We love them!
I bought these for the kids to try as a change from normal potato waffles. My 1 year old LOVES them and my very fussy 6 year old loves them too, big big in our house! Would recommend :)
These are amazing. So tasty and a quick and easy option for mealtimes while also being a pretty healthy option. Kids loved these.
Great for kids
I bought these to try with my children for their dinners and found them to be a great success!! They were a great hit and now they scour the frozen section of our local supermarket for a new box!!
Tasty and easy
These are so quick and easy to make and taste lovely, way better than the normal ones
Sweet potato Yes
It’s about time that birds eye do the sweet potato option for waffles. They taste lovely not sickly or too sweet. The texture the same has the originals and my kids really enjoyed them.
Tasty alternative to regular waffles
Purchased these for my son for a change. The waffles taste lovely, are nice and fluffy inside and are a tasty alternative to regular waffles. Nice that they are a gluten free food too.
A Birdseye classic updated
Being a child of the 80's, I always loved the original potato waffles. The sweet potato version was ok but either version are certainly not healthy. You can't beat fresh sweet potato wedges.
The search is over
I saw a review for the sweet potato waffles and thought I need to try them. They are rather elusive, but finally tracked them down in Morrison. I had them with egg and beans and they tasted really good, the hubby had them as a chip substitute with steak and really enjoyed them.
I got these as my partner likes sweet potato however I usually find it too sweet for my tastes therefore I hadn't expected to enjoy these. I was pleasantly surprised to find them well balanced, crisp and delicious. I oven baked them and had ten add both a side dish and on a burger. I will definitely buy them again as they were a bit different and very tasty.
Same great value less calories
Lush taste especially with an egg on top with spinach for breakie
I have tried these a few times and they are lovely so much better than normal waffles
Great alternative to chips for dinner. Enjoyed by everyone in the house! Even my fussy 5 year old finished his off!
Nice and healthy !
Thought I would try these for my boys especially my oldest who doesn't like veg.. a thumbs up from all of us tasty and healthy!
Taste great
Easy to cook, and taste great. Really useful if you want a different taste to normal waffles.
I got these for my children to try they really enjoyed them never left any my oldest is funny with some waffles he said they tasted great.

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