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Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles Frozen
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Sweet potatoes
I absolutely loved these birds eye sweet potato waffles they Are really tasty and can recommend them with a blobb of sour cream and cheese
I love sweet potatoes so thought I'd try these... they are delicious, will definetly buy again. My son also loved them he is 10 years old
Surprisingly great
As someone who’s never been too much of a fan of sweet potato, these came as a great surprise. Fluffy, delicious and with a crispy coating, make for a lovely addition to dinners.
Sweet potato waffles
Tried these and they are very tasty and my daughter loved them too
Great for the whole family
Absolutely delicious and the children love them, there light and fluffy and great for any meal
Good alternative
Tried this recently.. great healthy alternative. Easy and quick to make.
A very tasty experience
AS a person who has never liked the boring old regular potato waffles this product came as a very pleasant surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed the taste and texture, the added vitamins in sweet potato being an added bonus. A definite future purchase again!
Hidden veggies!
Kids loved these and hidden veggies are always a bonus!!
Quick and easy!
Tried these as I love sweet potato but the kids aren’t fussed. However they really loved these waffles! Such a nice change from chips and lush with a dippy egg! Only downside is they cost so much more than regular waffles
Crispy and tasty
These waffles are quality, crispy, tasty, and quick to do. Good for children and adults alike. Highly recommended.
Love these quick to make & makes it different to chips
We really love theses. They have a great taste and always a favourite.
Great for kids
Found these were perfect for this kids they absolutely loved them and made a nice change from the usual potato products. Would definitely buy regularly.
Fab choice for picky little eaters
These are fabulous for picky little eaters to offer them a healthy alternative to normal waffles. The taste is great and look like normal potatoe waffles
Great Waffles
Birds eye waffles are great as they can be used as a potato alternative when you have picky eaters or when you'd like something different. The taste of them is relatively similar to most potato products apart from the crispy outers and sweet taste when paired with other foods like meats. They're very easy to cook and take little to no time at all which is good for when you'd want a quick bite to eat or just want something easy for the day.

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