BlanX O3X Pro Shine Whitening Toothpaste

2.6 5 0 30 30 Use BlanX O₃X Pro Shine as your daily whitening toothpaste to actively remove stains and leave your teeth shiny and white. While many whitening methods feature harsh abrasives, our unique non-abrasive formula fights plaque and whitens teeth naturally, without damaging the enamel.
BlanX O3X Pro Shine Whitening Toothpaste


Not the best.
This was on promotion with a third off so I thought I would try it. Well, I’m glad I didn’t pay full price as I didn’t notice any difference in my teeth either feeling clean or looking brighter. I had such high hopes as I’m a smoker and really want my teeth to look and feel clean and this just didn’t do it sadly.
This is awesome and works very perfectly firstly I thought that may be I choose wrong product but after the use of this for a week I really appreciate it that it’s 100% good and I’ll highly recommend it
Not great
This toothpaste honestly didn’t leave my teeth feeling that clean or that much whiter. It’s definitely overpriced. Actually rather disappointing.
Blanx oxy power
I was really dissatisfied with this product , I used it for a couple of weeks and I didn’t feel as though it was leaving my teeth and mouth clean enough
I found this product very easy to use at anytime, even when watching tv doing housework or just sitting relaxing! Follow the instructions and just wait. I noticed a slight difference in colour, enough to make me happy with the product and definitely will keep using it.
This looks like a premium beauty product but I was left disappointed, the tooth paste did not whiten my teeth, I used a manual and a electric tooth brush but it made no difference, I did not feel like my mouth or teeth were fresh after using it.
Was not keen on the taste of this and did not notice all the promises it offered. Found it very overpriced for what it was or did and would not use it again. I dont even think all of it was used. Disappointing
Not the best
This was ok to use as a toothpaste but as for whitening.I didnt notice it working.tasted fine.would buy of on offer but not full price
won’t be buying again
i have bought other blanx toothpaste in the past and loved them but this is rubbish, didn’t make teeth whiter
Smooth teeth
Not sure if it whitens but it definitely cleans
I have tried this tootgpaste but it never made mich difference in the colour of my teeth..nice taste but i wouldnt buy it again
This didn't make my teeth any noticeably whiter. I don't really like the taste and my breath didn't smell as fresh as other toothpastes I have used. This is quite expensive and doesn't give you the results you expect.
ok have used better
this was ok and i have tried better in the past it left a very weird taste in my mouth after brushing and was unpleasant it more pricey than others i have tried too wouldn't really recommend this
Not enough
Leaves bad taste after. Used whole. Teeth got worse
Good toothpaste,gives a good effect,I like this company.

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