Bloo Power Active White 50 per pack

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Bloo Power Active White 50 per pack


Loved it !
It was easy to fit to the toilet, and the scent was released immediately. When flushing, the whole bowl was cleaned, limescale was kept clear, and the product lasted for a long time. Worth the money.
Bloo toilet
As with other scents of this item it does leave the bathroom smelling amazing. As for cleaning the toilet etc, I'm not convinced as it's impossible to reach around the whole toilet.
Average product
Good for eliminating odours and preventing limescale but wouldn't say it reaches all the way around the toilet and can be very strong for young children. Not great at removing stains
works well
this toilet block is good. leaves the toilet smell nice,. gives a white shiny toilet every time you flush. clean the bowl and prevent from lime scale. last very long,.. and fit very nicely in the toilet,.... stay at place... overall its a good product.
Smells lovely
The scent was very strong when I opened the packet. It fitted to the toilet quickly and easily. Each flush cleaned the bowl and left my bathroom smelling fresh.
Very efficient and convenient product to use. Lasts decent amount of time and help the bowl stay clean between in-depth scrubs.
Love white
And it smells lovely and not overwhelming. Definitely a product to keep.
Nice product
I really like using this product. It keeps the toilet nice and clean and fresh, I’ve been using this product for a while now and I don’t have any issues. Would definitely recommend
Great scent
I love using really fragrant scents in my bathroom. Nothing nicer than walking into a bathroom and smelling fruits, spices and linens. I loved using this product, it smelt incredible. Scent last all day, and keeps my toilet smelling fresh and clean. Bloo is a great product, looking forward to trying the different scents within this range.
These really worked very well in the toilet leaving it clean and fresh and left a nice fragrance throughout the bathroom too, it is a great product, I will use more in the range.
Bloo air freshner
I loved it smells so nice looks so nice colour so nice would defo buy again
It really works!
It leaves a wonderful aroma and is long lasting
This smells and works amazing i love the toilet staying fresh which i have this on always replace the products when finished and its value for money! I would most definatley recommend this product to anyone its worth spending that little extra.
Does what is required
Does what is required Easy to fit ......
Fresh smell
I used these as they were in offer and cheaper than my normal brand I loved the product the smell was over powering which sometimes I do prefer but these did keep my toilet lovely and clean and overall very happy

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