5 5 0 8 8 Spiced chicken, egg noodles, coconut sauce, butternut noodles, pickled chillies & onions, fresh coriander
Bol Dinner Bowl
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great thai chicken meal for you hungry tummy. i love this.
I saw one of these in Tesco, and thought nice for lunch. I bought it and had it for my lunch the same day, it was really tasty and filling. There is nothing worse than having a lunch and still feeling hungry after it. This lunch or dinner, whatever you prefer, will fill you up anyway. I would recommend this product.
Lovely flavours and enough to fill you up. As well as being tasty, it's also healthy with the low sugar content. This is perfect for a quick dinner when you're in a hurry.
I have not tried this I would love to because it looks yummy and filling.
As a avid healthy minded person I would love to sample this
Not tried this at all but I would love to try it I like trying new things
Never tried this before but my teenage son would love this as a quick and easy meal to grab when he shows his face at home!
This looks absolutely delish and I would love to try this for myself, what an easy dinner all prepared for me that's low in sugar and high in protein- perfect

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