2.5 5 0 33 33 13g source of plant protein, 2 of your 5-a-day, Totally veggie, Source of fibre, Vegetarian Society approved #MeatFreeLunch
BOL Mediterranean Roasted Veg
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Yummy and quick
Quick, easy and tasty. I enjoy all of Bol products I have tried, they need to exchange their range and maybe consider lowering the price (as I only buy when on an offer) but other than that no complaints and I would recommend!!
Yummy in my tummy
Smelt marvellous , easy to heat , maintained colour after heating , tasted so good . Lots of rich herbal tastes . Good textures - not enough in the pot though and quite expensive
Far too expensive for what it is. Taste is bland and does not fill you up at all. Would rather cook something from scratch at home.
Bland and pricey
I picked this up on a lunch time rush thinking it would get me through the day. It looked great and the brand told me it was going to taste great, it didn't boring and bland. For the price tag, it really falls down. Not again,
Great quality product, shame about the taste profile
The branding, artwork and product profile promise so much - great quality vegetables prepared just so that you get the most nutritional value possible. It's a real pity that the product does not deliver a sensory hit - bland at best, tasteless at worst. I'd rather cook from scratch at home and know that everyone will come back for seconds.
A bit soggy and lacks substance. A bit bland. Wouldn’t buy again.
Bought this and thought it would be good for my lunch on the go as i was travelling a long journey by train. But at the very first taste i was feeling sick and couldn't finish eating it at all.I didn't like it and for the price tag its not even worthy. Would never buy again and don't recommend it to anyone else.
Quite expensive for the little amount you get. Nice lunch alternative and good flavours however not something I'm excited to try again.
Very expensive for what you get, flavour was very bland. Would not buy again
Full of healthy ingredients and tasty! Very overpriced for what it is though. If I didn’t have a coupon, I would have been disappointed.
This product is handy and great for on the go moments, but that said I found it’s little bland and not to my personal taste.
I like the flavour of these salads haven't tried anything like it before however I do think they are slightly over priced
I feel the quality is great but not very filling at all.
This is perfect for people trying to increase their veg intake but a whooper of a price tag.
This looked like it would be good but it was quite bland.

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