BOL Mediterranean Roasted Veg

2.6 5 0 49 49 13g source of plant protein, 2 of your 5-a-day, Totally veggie, Source of fibre, Vegetarian Society approved #MeatFreeLunch
BOL Mediterranean Roasted Veg


not to my liking as it smelt horrendous,WOULDNT but again but if it’s ur type of thing go ahead x
Actually I bought this while it was on sale. It smelled very weird and I thought maybe that's why it was on sale. But the second time checked all the dates and bought it from the aisle directly, yet it did not change the smell or the taste. I somehow ate it all as I did not wanted to waste the food.
Loved this salad. So convenient with the fork inside
Im not vegan and dont intend to be but i try alternatives all the time but this would actually put you of becoming vegan if all vegan food tasted as bland and as boring as this
these are really nice
these are really and make a great meal and they are so simple and easy to make. love that its so easy to carry around too. great for taking to work the flavours worked really well together highly recommend
Yum, yum,yum
Love Bol, these are my treat lunch when i'm having a bad day int he office. Great flavours and i love the roasted veg ad the veg doesn't go mushy so can really taste all the flavours. Also find them quite a bit serving so keeps me going til dinner.
This is such a waste of time. Picked up for lunch once and it was just so disappointing and tasteless. No flavour at all it literally just tasted like raw vegetables. This brand really does not do the vegan community any favours as if this is what being vegan tastes like I am not interested.
Fulfilling quick lunch
I buy these tasty meal in a tub on a regular basis to enjoy at lunchtime. They certainly fill that hunger gap amd give an energy boost.
Yummy and quick
Quick, easy and tasty. I enjoy all of Bol products I have tried, they need to exchange their range and maybe consider lowering the price (as I only buy when on an offer) but other than that no complaints and I would recommend!!
Yummy in my tummy
Smelt marvellous , easy to heat , maintained colour after heating , tasted so good . Lots of rich herbal tastes . Good textures - not enough in the pot though and quite expensive
Far too expensive for what it is. Taste is bland and does not fill you up at all. Would rather cook something from scratch at home.
Bland and pricey
I picked this up on a lunch time rush thinking it would get me through the day. It looked great and the brand told me it was going to taste great, it didn't boring and bland. For the price tag, it really falls down. Not again,
Great quality product, shame about the taste profile
The branding, artwork and product profile promise so much - great quality vegetables prepared just so that you get the most nutritional value possible. It's a real pity that the product does not deliver a sensory hit - bland at best, tasteless at worst. I'd rather cook from scratch at home and know that everyone will come back for seconds.
A bit soggy and lacks substance. A bit bland. Wouldn’t buy again.
Bought this and thought it would be good for my lunch on the go as i was travelling a long journey by train. But at the very first taste i was feeling sick and couldn't finish eating it at all.I didn't like it and for the price tag its not even worthy. Would never buy again and don't recommend it to anyone else.

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