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Bol Salad Jar
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Tried this recently for work, found it was very expensive for what you get but what you do get tastes really nice.
Bright & healthy vegan lunch
Really satisfying and healthy salad with substance. Super flavourful, full of bright veggies, with experimental flavours and lots of nutrition. Love the packaging as it's really convenient to shake the dressing in the pot, and can recycle to pack lunch the next day. Wish it was more widely available.
1st time I tried this was in the Hospital and I must say they are so ooooooooooooooooo good and flavoursome and very healthy I absolutely love it.
i am in love with this salad, first time i have eat on Airport ! now i buying for mu lunch at work.
I absolutely love these salad jars from Bol there fresh healthy vibrant and Delecious I would recommend this product to every one 😀 Love love love
These are great!! I have had the Japanese and the Mediterranean and both are the perfect amount. Really the best lunchtime food. The packaging is great and it doubles as a food storage container after you're done with the product. Only issue is that these do go off quite quickly, so make sure you buy them a day or two before you actually want to eat them!
Wow I have never seen these before! Are they glass?? I hate the old Tupperware that turns pink in the dishwasher. This looks perfect for my daughters packed lunch.. If she can get it off me! I wonder if its completely natural food or if it contains preservers?
This looks so healthy no tasty. I have not seen this in the shops yet and would love to try this product
I love the concept - hopefully will be able to try. I've recently been experimenting with different salads from around the world so I'll loive to have the opportunity to try this?
Wow these look delish! I haven,t seen them in supermarkets near me though ... Wheres best to look?
I'd love to try this, trying to eat healthier, this looks like something perfect to help me
Looks amazing so inviting really want to try it just not sure where can get it from pls
Looks like something I would love to try now I'm eating clean and healthy.
As someone who eats no meat apart from bacon and no fish either this would appear to be right up my street love to try it
I would love to try this. It looks so fresh and appetizing. I adore vegetables but my husband is a stick in the mud about them he will eat carrots, peas and corn and onions and peppers. It's often wasteful to buy a variety of different products just for one and I seem to rely on frozen, and tinned which I know still count towards your daily portions but do not taste the same. When you look at then they don't give you that WOW factor.

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