4.2 5 0 92 92 Salted caramel flavour ice cream (with sugars and sweeteners), with cake pieces (5%).
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I lived this ice cream, it was creamy and tasted great
Smooth and low calorie
I came accross this product in my local asda and thought I'd give it a go as it was low calorie normally low calories items lack in taste but I didnt find that with this product it tastes just like the real thing which is a huge bonus for me as I love ice cream
Yum Yum Yum
Wow ..... 😋 ..... this was a very tasty ice cream and with the low calorie count makes it a winner all round . Lots of pricing offers around which make it extremely good value for an excellent tasting ice cream.
Lovely & low calorie
Nice texture & flavour, low calorie so ideal when cutting back. I brought it when it was on offer & I’m unlikely to buy unless on offer again. I would recommend trying this as an alternative to high calorie icecream.
Breyers Ice Cream
Love this, really creamy i couldn't tell this was low fat, tastes of caramel and has little crunchy bits in it, would buy again
granted its not as good as the leading brand of low cal icecream but for a slightly cheaper alternative i am willing to compromise! this icecream tastes great and whats better is you can eat a whole tub in one sitting if you REALLY wanted to without feeling massively guilty
ice cream
ive tried this but i did not really like it , not much flavour for me i suppose its ok if you dont like to much sweetness
One of the best low calorie ice creams, lovely pieces of cake throughout
I have tried a lot of the brewers I’ve cream range. I presumed I would love this as salted caramel is a fav of mine. But unfortunately it was ok the flavour wasn’t there.
I tried this as it sounds delicious, a friend recommended it and I love the 'Halo' brand low cal ice cream products! For this, I find the texture of the ice cream to be too foamy, and the cake bits are also a bit foamy so don't add the texture variation that they should. A nice caramel swirl or more flavour would improve this product. For now i'll stick to Halo!
Good for diets
This had a ice flavor and texture can tell it lower calories but good if you on a diet.
Seriously tasty and guilt free...my only issue is stopping myself eat the whole tub in one!
Not for me
Little bit of a slippery texture and sadly lacking in an ice cream texture
Love it
I love this ice cream. All the flavours are amazing but this one in particular is my favourite. So creamy and salty and sweet. Very low in calories and good for those on slimming world. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!
Not for me
I was not overly keen on this. You can definitely taste the difference. I would not be buying this product in the future no mater what the flavour would be.

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