4.2 5 0 6 6 Vanilla & Caramel with Peanuts - A delicious flavour combo, in a convenient grab and go format that lets you enjoy high protein Ice cream when you are on the move. A smooth vanilla ice cream core, drizzled with caramel sauce and peanuts, all wrapped up in a delicious chocolate coating. Introducing the new Breyers Ice Cream Bar, low in sugar and high in protein.
Breyers Vanilla Caramel High Protein Ice Cream Bar
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Really good
We really liked these. The texture was really good which I’ve found it’s quite hard to get the texture right ok these type of products. The flavour is good also so will definitely be buying again
Protein bar
Taste delicious and consistention is solid. Also squad of protein bar is really good.
Great for portion control!
These are yummy! Ofcourse Magnums are nicer, but great when trying to watch your intake... The pots feel more moreish, but these are great for portion control as I usually end up eating the whole tub if I have the tub (so may as well have just eaten a Magnum at this point)!
Too sweet
This product is lovely however I found it a bit too sweet.
Very sweet, but relatively good
I tried out this product because I liked the Breyers pots of ice cream when I tried them. The vanilla pot was my favourite, and it was ideal for me that it was low calorie and high protein. I was excited to give this product a try but was relatively let down. The addition of the caramel sauce and chocolate dip is too much! The product becomes too sweet! I quite like products that are marketed as somewhat 'health-concious' to be somewhat reflected as such in their outcome but this just tasted like junk food. Nice as a treat, but not for me.
too sweet
I was excited after reading the nutrition information as it was packed with loads of protein. I found the product too sweet for my taste though and would probably not get this again.

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