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Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread
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very sweet
as per caramel it has to be sweet, but its toooo sweet. if you ask if children like it, they wont say so, we all know they could eat sugar itself :D but overall if using it , for example as little filling in cupcakes its nice. we tried this way and cupcakes turn out to be yummicious.
Dangerously good!
Amazingly addictive and delicious. I could eat it with a spoon straight from the jar... and I have! Also really nice spread onto a rice cake for a little treat that doesn’t feel quite so naughty. Or heat a little bit and drizzle over pancakes or fruit!
Taste was okay but nothing special personally prefer Nutella!!!
Absolutely delicious
Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread I love Cadbury its the best chocolate I always buy this caramel chocolate spread its so yammy the best
Heaven in a jar!!
I’m a massive fan of this in the bar form and this did not let me down, slightly additive jar spoon moment or 2 lol tastes amazing
Nice Spread
This is a nice chocolate spread although I did find it overly sweet and a little sickly. Would recommend but use it lightly.
i love chocolate and i love caramel, but this is impossibly sweet, makes me sick
My daughter loves this goes on toast sandwiches will defo try more of the range
A very nice alternative to chocolate spread, makes a nice additive to porridge
Love Cadbury's Caramel bars and thought this sounded just the job. Definitely as gooey as you'd expect with enough sweet hit to make the worst sugar junkie happy lol
This tastes great and is very easy to spread. It has a very caramel taste, and a little coffee like taste
Its so yummy!! very addictive, so it doesnt last long in my house, i love it
Love love love the original chocolate spread, way more than Nutella, so very excited to try this!
I would absolutely Love to try this! Cadburys Caramel is my absolute favorate! It looks amazing!
Never tried it but if you have samples please think of me 💋

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