4.5 5 0 147 147 Rich velvety brownie with chunky chocolate chips Unwrap and enjoy one of our delicious velvety brownies, with chunks of rich Cadbury chocolate baked in for an indulgent treat to savour.
Cadbury Chocolate Chip Brownie 6 Pack
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Great Cadburys Taste
These were a great size and had that Cadbury's taste that you sometimes don't get with products. Perfectly wrapped and a nice little treat.
Cadbury brownies
Each portion is individually wrapped which ensures they are all moist and succulent. So delicious and chocolatey. Had to stop myself from going through the whole box!
For some reason I thought I bought brownie mix when I bought these, so I was a bit confused when I saw they were actual brownies. But they were amazing!! I think I ate the lot in one go! Sooo good!!!
Nicest brownies ever
These are the nicest tastiest brownies i have ever tried the cadbury chunks are perfect and make this they are the perfect mouthful gentle soft and melt in the mouth these taste so much better than they look and you would imagine especially if you are a cadbury fan.
Not for me
I found this product too dry and hard to chew. Wouldn’t choose to buy them again
When I initially opened them I thought they were quite small but actually they are the perfect sweet fix. They are gooey and delicious! I find some brownies can be dry but there are actually perfect! I’ve eaten two today already so I’ve a feeling I will be buying more soon!
Perfect for that afternoon coffee break before the kids get home because their to nice to be sharing lol the soft and chewy would definitely recommend you try
Really tasty
Really nice tasting brownie. Sone I've had are too sickly but these are just right. Taste great and a good size snack
I got these for my daughters lunch bag, however I couldn’t resist trying one. I’m glad I did! It’s the perfect size for a cheeky treat, and the brownie is lovely and moist with naughty chocolate chips. Really nice!
These were so much nicer than i thought they was going to be. they were small but indulgent. they are nice and soft as well as maintaining the lovely chocolate flavour. i would defiantly recommend
Cadbury brownies
Absolutely love these brownies however I think they could be bigger or maybe put more in the box, But found them to be lovely not dry like some shop bought brownies. Would definitely buy them again.
Just not enough of them
As expected from Cadburys, these brownies are little rectangles of chocolate goodness. Moist with a nice amount of chocolate chunks, they didnt last long. However they are quite small and personally, I didnt find them great value considering the price. Would only buy again on offer.
These brownies are absolutely delicious and very easy to finish quickly. They’re my go to snack for my car. They’re not too chocolatey which I like because then I can eat more of it ;)
Love them
Omg I absolutely love them it is so easy to get carried away and eat the full box as I have do it a couple of times 🤣
This are full of flavour and moist. You can taste that they are Cadbury’s I personally wouldn’t buy again as small bars I don’t think they are worth the money

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