4.5 5 0 116 116 Rich velvety brownie with chunky chocolate chips Unwrap and enjoy one of our delicious velvety brownies, with chunks of rich Cadbury chocolate baked in for an indulgent treat to savour.
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Vey good fantastic
you wont get 16 made with this not of a good size anyway, but you'll get about 8 really nice sized ones that taste yummy. These ones are made with oil which is just what I was looking for
Absolutely love them. Tasty, sweet enough, smooth chocolatey.
delicious but too sweet
it is really delicious but a bit too sweet, i wish it had less calories and less sugar
Totally delicious
Wow can't believe I've only just noticed these in the supermarkets. Cadburys is my all time fav choc these are truely mouth wateringly amazing just a shame they on the small side but Won't put me off buying again
A nice tasty cake ,but bit in small side and bit pricey for the size of the cake. Shame as is tasty cake.
ok , but pretty small
These were pretty small in size, think more like a matchbox ! I would say they would be good for smaller kids for sweet snack, but for an adult it doesn't really hit the spot. I would need to eat like 3 to feel like I've had a brownie
These are a hit in our household although don’t last long as a little on the small size (snack size ) kids love taking them in lunch boxes to school . I would definitely recommend this to product
Decent but you can tell it’s been made in a factory cause it’s not like a homemade brownie with chocolate goo in the centre and things like that
Good for treats
Good for treats but a teeny bit dry and you just can't Reay beat a home made brownie xx probably too healthy (I know there shouldn't be such a thing) but brownies shod have a weeks worth of calories in my opinion xx
Great non guilty chocolate fix
Great quick fix when sugar levels are dwindling great with a cuppa feels like you're having a naughty peice of cake.
Extremely decadent, extremely moreish and can’t get enough of them! Chocolate at its finest in one bite! (Yes, you read that!)
Really good
Anything Cadbury makes, is amazing! These are very nice, choclately, goey. Everything you want from a brownie!
These are to die for
When I tried these cadburys brownie I couldn't believe how lovely they are I would go as far as to say they are to die for
A must try
Usually you can't beat a proper bakery brownie, but cadburys have somehow managed to! Moist, the perfect size and even better when microwaved for a few seconds. An amazing price for six quality brownies when you consider the cost of buying just one in a bakery. If you love brownies, you must give these ones a try.
Love Cadbury
Probably one of my favourite chocolates now in a brownie form. Moist, filling and the same great Cadbury taste as always. Would be good to start seeing the different chocolate varieties in this form as well

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