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Cadbury Crunchy Melts
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Crunchy melts
Family fave at the moment, yet to try them in the microwave or oven but they are devine just the way they are. Very yummy
Amazing warmed up
These are amazing cold or hot! If you have them hot, the middle goes gooey! You must try them!
Really good, if you dunk in tea!
I love these when dunked in a cup of tea, because if you dont do that, then they are not actually like the picture, they are not really gooey inside unless they are slightly melted, but a decent biscuit overall
Good but disappointing compared to the picture
The picture on the packaging is quite enticing, making you think that the middle is really runny and gooey and melt in your mouth, but it isn't the case. It is still a very yummy cookie with a chocolate centre, just not as good as expected...
So tasty
Delicious, soft and full of chocolatey goodness. The cookie itself has such a unique taste - defiantly worth buying!
If a melt in the middle cookie is what you want, then that's what you'll get with these. It won't ooze out, but there is some sort of soft chocolate inside. The biscuit itself is average, to say the least however
Taste and Moorish
Breeze Cadburys milk in the middle biscuit have a unique flavour the cookie itself has a slight coconut flavour chocolate chips or sweet but not to the point that they hurt your teeth the middle is Like a savoury Nutella
Could eat the whole pack!
Love these biscuits. The gooey centre really sets them apart from most other biscuits. I eat one and end up eating most the pack. If you are on a diet- Definitely do not buy because you will not be able to ration yourself!
Delicious and indulgent!
As a cookie goes, you'd struggle to find a better one! With the layer of soft chocolate in the middle and choc chips throughout, as a chocolate lover, you can't go wrong! The only issue for me, was there weren't enough in the packet...and I ate them all in one sitting...beware!
Melting Magic
I absolutely adored these! They are amazingly versatile as they can be eaten as they are or heated up but either way, they taste amazing!! It’s got that crispiness we all want in a biscuit but has that gooey centre to make them more luxurious in the mouth!
So good! The centre is all gooey chocolate bliss. The price is a little much for the amount of biscuits inside but as a treat every now and then, I definitely won’t feel guilty paying for them! Yummy!
Love them 😍
Love these biscuits they have got to be one of my favourite of all time! The best way to eat these is dip them into your tea or coffee
These are brilliant, can be eaten in so many ways. Eaten cold, warmed in the microwave, broken up on ice cream. They are worth every penny, always my go to snack and ice cream topper
I thought these were abit hard, I was expecting them to be nice and soft with the chocolate in the middle but non the less still nice
These Cadbury cookies are very tasty. They are crunchy and quite hard on the outside and then they surprise you with a soft chocolatey center that oozes out of the biscuit. A great treat.

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