4.7 5 0 132 132 Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! Delicious mini squirls of golden caramel, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate - bags of tasty fun!
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Perfect to full sized bars
I prefer these to full sized bars as they are small enough to pop in your mouth and don’t have to worry about taking a bite and chocolate falling everywhere like larger ones. Will definitely be purchasing again. Taste lovely
curlywurly squirlies
These are just like the famous curly wurlys. I did find them a little small, but perfect for kids. They still have the same taste so there was no big disappointment. Yes I would buy them again.
Love them
Exactly like the larger version, but can regulate how many you eat, i try but cant help eating the whole bag
Not for me.
I don't find that there is anything particularly wrong with this product, I just feel that it is not for me. I don't like the solidness of the toffee/caramel. Or the flaky chocolate. I just don't enjoy the combination.
Tasty chewy treat
Used these to decorate the top of a cake for my friend, looked really cool and everyone loved them. A little of the chewy side, but still really nice. Get a lot in the bag as well
Love them
These are so nice just like normal curly wurlys but smaller and easy to eat on the go.
Was delighted to find this, great idea. Childhood favourite. Like the fact that you can just have bits. Eat the lot or eat a little. Bigger bags. Great treat. Could even do little party bags.
Its cadburys!!
So yummy and love that it sticks to your teeth. If you love hard caramel and cadburys chocolate you'll love this!
Love these
These are perfect for any curly whirly fan... They are mini bits sized pieces and tasty just as amazing as the normal sized curly whirlys... You definitely won't be disappointed if you tried these.
Great for sharing & the children love them
I've always been a fan of Curlywurly - they're a great sugar fix and because they're chewy you don't tend to eat so many! The children are occasionally allowed them as a treat and they love them too. Very sweet and very tasty!
Little swirls of delight
Really nice but a bit fiddly to eat.. Could of done with being a bit longer.
Wow curly wirlies
Just fabulous, I put mine in the fridge...... love them always
YUm these are amazing!! would recommend lots. taste great
Great for kids
I always get these for the kids now as it is less mess and easy for them to get out and eat so it’s not melting in their hands or spilling everywhere.
Possibly the best food ever
I love these squirlies they are amazing. I prefer the bag as they are easier to eat than the long curlywurlys. Easier to shove in your mouth and induldge in them. I can eat 3 at once easy haha.

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