4.7 5 0 140 140 Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! Delicious mini squirls of golden caramel, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate - bags of tasty fun!
Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies
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Good alternate grab bag
Was pleasantly surprised with these. Small enough to eat in one mouthful but definitely need to go in the fridge or too soft for me. Good taste to a curly wurly. Good alternate to the other grab bags Cadburys do.
Soooo yummy
I love these, I love the normal Curly Wurly but these are soooooo moreish, just the right snack size, they last longer if cold or even frozen so you get lots of chew out them, kids love them too
Next best thing
These little beauties are the next best thing to buying a Curlywurly. they take me back to my child hood on having one on a weekend and the caramel getting stuck in my teeth. sooooo nice
Great bite sized curlywurly's in a share packet! Reclosable packaging!
Curlywurly goodness
Hooray, curlywurly's in bite size pieces. Caramel & Cadbury's chocolate yummy scrummy. Curlywurly brand always brings a feeling of nostalgia,as it was a childhood favourite. My kids love these too. I actually bought some this morning, unfortunately ended up with one melted to my sofa (toddlers! Lol) Great treat from a great brand!
I love curly eyelids so this is another favourite of mine! The bag can last me 2 sittings but they are scrummy and I have to hide them in my house
Perfect little snacks
Love these, easy to eat the whole bag at once tho, lovely flavour and chewy texture, couldn’t ask for more
Great cut offs
These are a great small snack version of a curlywurly. Same great taste in a smaller bite sized piece.
So delicious!!
These are absolutely lovely, perfect taste of curlywurly’s in a bite size portion. They are decently priced too, most of the time you can find them £1 for a packet. Perfect treat for kids with pocket money.
Love this
Love they now do little ones as you can have as much or as little as you like with the great same taste
These are so good! Dare I say, they are better than the original ones.
Definite hit with the kids
My kids love these (9,7,6,2) I can never seem to hide these well enough or they have super powers to find them I remember the bars and wishing they did them like cut up but these are perfect for tiny fingers and our big ones to when get a chance
Caramel and chocolate together is my idea of heaven. Just the right size to pop in your mouth. The best chocolate on the market in my opinion
Theses are a good idea smaller parts so easier to share out when there is more people
So over the years these bars have got smaller and smaller, now you can enjoy a whole bag with out being disappointed that the bar has gone

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