4.7 5 0 146 146 Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! Delicious mini squirls of golden caramel, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate - bags of tasty fun!
Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies
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Curly Wurly licious
A grown woman can't be seen eating a curly wurly but this bag of gorgeousness ensures I can still eat this childhood favourite. Easier on my teeth as well! Often on offer at supermarkets. Try a bag!
wiggly curly wurly
Great product in a handy pack to share. As chewy as I remembered from childhood but the chocolate tasted slightly different to how I remembered. Would recommend
Love these
These are a blast from the past, I remember eating them when I was younger. Still prefer the big ones though. I would easily eat these instead, same taste just smaller
Bite sized!
Love curly wurlys so having bite-sized versions made this easy for work snacks and keeping in my handbag. Great price too!
Yes yes yes
Who doesn’t love a curly whirly? Much easier to eat than a big one as the chocolate covering doesn’t break off as you bite them, only problem is I ate them too fast and wanted the pack to be double the size but that’s coz I’m greedy!
Mummy's secret, shhhh
What a great idea, full size one for each of the family in the cupboard. Mummy pops these in the freezer, so that I dont have to share.
Mini Curly Wurly <3
A bag of tiny curly wurly - winner! They have the same great cadbury taste and are especially good straight out of the fridge! Share bag? Not so sure about that!!!
I'm a big fan of curly wurly squirlies. Perfect, just like eating normal curly wurlies just without the mess (you know when you bite into one and chocolate goes everywhere!!) no problem with these as they are the perfect size!
Love them! Great little size so you dont have to eat a full curly wurly just little bits!
No chocolate bits fall off!
Love Curly whirlies but hate that when h bit into them and tear the caramel, you end up with bits of chocolate everywhere which isn't ideal with 4 children.... these however are a game changer and the perfect go to on a car journey.... No melted choc pieces where you're sat but still the satisfying taste of Cadburys curly whirleys.
Easier chewed than the bars
Love these! They are much easier chewed down than the curly wurly bars. Always buy them for going to the cinema and for the kids in our family. Handy for small treats and taste great. Would definately recommend
Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies
This was one of my favourite sweets growing up, Cadbury's have done a perfect job fitting all the nostalgia of my childhood into this bag of fun. The share bag makes it much less messy when eating them, although make it very difficult for me to stop eating them!
Curly Squirlies
Lovely childhood favourite of mine which has been made better by coming in bitesize pieces! lovely chewy caramel coated in cadburys chocolate!
Love Curly Wurly Squirlies always loved the original but these are easily snacked on! Lovely
These are so morerish. Taste exactly the same as original curly wurly but in bite size pieces. Pop the whole sweet into your mouth and you won't lose any of the scrummy chocolate.

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