4.7 5 0 140 140 Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! Delicious mini squirls of golden caramel, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate - bags of tasty fun!
Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies
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Lovely bite sized version of the classic curly wurly chocolate. Perfect for snacking on on a long drive. Same taste as you would expect from the bigger version.
Nostalgic treat
A truly nostalgic treat. Perfect to snack on whilst watching a film.
Chocolate lover
Very nice but left me with jaw ache still I devoured the whole bag
Curly Wurly with less mess
I absolutely love these, I have never been able to eat a Curly Wurly without covering myself in chocolate. These little bites have removed this issue. My problem now is knowing when to stop eating them, one bag is never enough. They've been a regular purchase since their release.
Not as good as the original
These are nice but I prefer the original version. I kind of miss the gooeyness in this version.
I absolutely love these, especially when they’ve been in the fridge for abit before hand.
Mini deliciousness
Love these. They are suitable for coeliacs like me and combine the taste and convenience in a handy share sized bag.
Cadbury Curly Curly Squirlies
Love, love, love these. I keep mine in the fridge and grab one when I need a quick chocolate fix. Kids love them too as a treat.
Lovely chocolates! Great if you don't want to eat a whole curly wurly and get the toffee stuck in your teeth haha!
Curly jumjum
Love them. Buy them all the time. Before these came to the shop I use to cut up the long curly wurly bar in to a bowl before I could eat them. This saves me the time and easier to eat with out making a mess
Delicious. Just like the full size but in small pieces. Creamy chocolate and chewy caramel. Lovely combination
Amazing Curly Whirly Squirlies!
I'm a bit of a chocoholic and I've always loved Cadbury's... until recently. But these little bundles of caramel loveliness have restored my faith in the brand slightly. I can't get enough of them. As previously said, I think the only downside are bits of chocolate flake off as you're eating them but overall, delicious!
Amazing when cold
I love these. I keep them in the fridge and so when I do fancy one, they seem to last for ages!
Curly whirly
Curly whirlys are so good and given these are just smaller they did not disappoint
Squiggles yes please
If you like curly wurly you will love these. Great for sharing. Cadbury chocolate does not fail.

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