4.7 5 0 149 149 Chewy and curly, wavy and wurly! Delicious mini squirls of golden caramel, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate - bags of tasty fun!
Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies
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These are amazing! Much less messy than the full size bars. Difficult not to eat the full bag though!!!!
Lovely little curly bits of joy added bonous due to the size much easier to eat than a full sized one.
These are addictive! So easy to munch through whole packet without even realising it! All the same great taste of curly wurly in bitesize pieces 😍😍
really yummy, much better than having to chew on a larger bar.!!
These are yummy, really tasty and much more manageable than a whole bar, great for little ones!! Yum
I didn't like them Cadbury have made better chocolate /toffee. Good price.
Bite size fun, just as much taste as the bars but these are moreish!!
Weirdly better than the full bars and even better frozen :)
Love these. A must try for any curly wurly lovers. Bite size pieces that don’t flake like a normal bar so less chance of getting chocolate everywhere. Great for sharing too.
My favourite Cadbury product in a bitesize pack, what more is there to say.
Better than the curly wurly bars and they taste even better if you put them in the fridge
Absolutely love curly wurlys, always remind me of child-hood memories, the only thing with these is there just too small so you end up with a hand full just to please ya cravings lol i wouldnt call them a share bag just anuff for 1 lol.
Even better than big Curly Wurlys because you can fit a whole one into your mouth in one go, rather than having to bite through a big one potentially spilling some of the chocolate that inevitably falls off. Plus with the bags, you can eat the whole bag in one go..a definite bonus!
I love these but with them being small you want to eat them all.
Really enjoyed this little treats I feel as though there easier to eat than the orginal which can get quite messy and I find that you just can't put the bag down.

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