4.8 5 0 186 186 Cadbury's deliciously creamy milk chocolate with golden, crunchie honeycomb pieces. Made with a Glass and a Half of fresh milk. Large 200g bar - perfect for sharing with the whole family.
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I love this chocolate. Just enough crunch. It tastes great. I don't think you could improve this product.
A great balance of chocolate and honeycomb
If you don't fancy a crunchie but do fancy a less amount of honeycomb this product is great for you. Absolutely love the taste. Would be nice to combine a dairy milk, a crunchie, and a Oro next.
You have got to buy this ! I would happily say that this is one of Dairy Milk's best bars yet, just the right amount of crunch without it being too sweet. D E L I C I O U S......
Love, love, love this! Its my new favourite chocolate bar! You have to try it!
Love the taste of this bar! I think it’s my favourite large dairy milk option so far. The honeycomb gives a crunch and adds to the flavour. Shame it carries ‘may contain nuts’ and ‘may contain wheat’ warnings as it rules many allergy sufferers out of eating it.
If you like Crunchie, you will like this
I really like this because I love Crunchies and Dairy Milk chocolate. It's like a Crunchie, but with a higher chocolate to crunchie ratio!
Mmmmm lovely
I think of this at the cash till very quickly and when I got home I really enjoyed it. It’s full of the old favourites chocolate and the crunchy together and I must say it was great and lovely.
One of the best Dairy Milk bars. Just enough crunchy bits without it being too sweet but still giving that lovely Crunchie crunch and taste
My favourite by far!
This is truly delicious! The smooth Cadbury chocolate coupled with the crunchie pieces is a perfect combination, the only problem being once you start it’s hard to put it down! A firm favourite here!
Love it!
I love this bar of chocolate soooo much , very addictive with its snap and crackle, perfect
yum! my favourite
This is my favourite of the cadbury range, purely because it's the iconic cadbury chocolate of course however with the honeycomb through it it just makes it even better! The perfect consistency with a great crunch.
This has got to be in my top three Cadbury products! Obviously because it’s Cadbury chocolate, but also because it’s got delicious honeycomb pieces throughout it! The lovely smooth chocolate with the crunchy ... well... crunchy pieces is such a great combination! If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself to Tesco!
One square is not enough!
By far my favourite dairy milk bar to date , every square leave you wanting more. Great ratio of chocolate to crunchie pieces
Absolutely delicious! Full of flavour, little crunchie bits all the way through the bar! Would definitely buy again!
Very good
This chocolate is really nice but a bit on the sweet side

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