4.8 5 0 208 208 Cadbury's deliciously creamy milk chocolate with golden, crunchie honeycomb pieces. Made with a Glass and a Half of fresh milk. Large 200g bar - perfect for sharing with the whole family.
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i buy this chocolate all the time, its one of our family favourites, the kids love it too.
Omg yum
This is my all time favourite go to Cadburys chocolate bar I love the plain one but this just gives it that added extra and I love the crunch and its chocolate what more could a girl want
Joy in a bar perfect for sharing or not, lovely texture with hints of crunchy all way through, bargain found in tesco for £1
By far the best Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Soooooo delicious. Be careful, eating the whole bar in one sitting is an easy job.
Super yummy
What’s not to love, a perfect mix of Cadbury’s chocolate and a crunchie.
This is very moorish so you’ll end up eating the whole bar. Chocolate is smooth and it’s not overpowering with crunchie bits so you don’t end up with it all stuck in your teeth !
This is my favourite of the cadbury bars
Just enough crunch added to the smooth dairy milk chocolate will buy again
really good
really nice and an actual good addition to the Hero tubs too, i will definitely buy these again
I’ve never been 100% sure about the Dairy Milk cross over projects, but I really didn’t mind this one. There are many cross overs out there that are an assault of the senses, but this is a good compromise
Crunchie in Dairy Milk
Prefered the Crunchie Bars separate, and the Dairy Milk. It just didn't taste as good as it should. As I like both products I thought that I'd be really into it. In my books, it didn't work.
Bits of heaven
Husband loves crunchie so being able to treat him to a chocolate bar that i won't pinch is great. He said the flavour wasn't overpowering - so you could appreciate the chocolate and honeycomb flavours
Favourite chocolate bar!!
My absolute favourite!! Good size bar. Usual on offer in tesco which means this falls into my basket weekly!
Dairy milk crunchie bits
This chocolate is so yummy. I ate it all in one go. It just melts in your mouth with the added bit of crunch from the bits. This needs no improvement. I need more of this. Would definitely purchase again
Amazing product
The chocolate bar is great as it has many crunchie pieces scattered throughout the bar, unlike some bars which contain little pieces. The bar doesn’t have the full taste of a crunchie as it’s more chocolaty but it’s good nonetheless. It’s better than crunchy rocks which are another alternative.
nice but oddly doesnt taste like a proper crunchie
this is really nice and satisfying but it oddly doesn't taste very much like a proper crunchie bar does, the bits are to small to give you the proper crunchie feel but I would buy again as it was nice.

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