4.8 5 0 221 221 Cadbury's deliciously creamy milk chocolate with golden, crunchie honeycomb pieces. Made with a Glass and a Half of fresh milk. Large 200g bar - perfect for sharing with the whole family.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie Bit Chocolate Bar
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As a fan of both crunchie and chocolate this was a win win for me and it didn't let me down! Fab!
Dairy milk crunchie
This bar has lots of crunchie bits in it, as the bits feel like little fireworks in my mouth. Great tasting crunchy bars in a larger bar what's not to like. Recommend to all that love crunchie or maybe those who found the original bars too sweet but would like a little less crunch.
my 2 favs in one
I absolutely love this, I am the only one in my family who likes crunchie bars so get this all to myself yummy. Cadburys chocolate is my favourite so the 2 together make my own personal favourite in 1.
Crunchie with a difference
I absolutely love crunchy and this gives me an opportunity to have smaller bites and not eat an whole bar. If I control myself
Crunchie is one of my favourites so I loved this. You should definitely give it a tray.
This is what I SOOO needed after a long day of being mummy and crunchie is my favourite chocolate - well one of my top 5 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 and going make a bigger bar in a Cadbury share bar what could be more perfect? Although i don’t share!
Best of both worlds. I loved this chocolate and I didn't want to share it. Only problem is its very moreish. I would recommend this to family and friends.
Love this
I am not a fan of crunchie bars however this crunchie bits chocolate is divine. You still get the chocolate taste with the sweet crunch in the middle. Will definitely be buying again!
Dairy milk Crunchie bits
It is nice taste aspeilly when you let melt in your mouth due to me to having sentive teeth it doesnt the best for me to eat even when letting it mealt in my mouth
Best choc ever!
Best chocolate ever! My two favourite chocolates combined into one. Bloody genius! I literally couldn’t be happier and it did not disappoint! Amazing! Would definitely recommend.
Thank Crunchie it's Friday!! (everyday!!)
Cadbury hasn't disappointed once again. Naughty but so nice!!!
Love this
I love dairy milk and the crunchie bars but together 👌
Was better than expected
Bought this for the first time last week. Tasted better than I expected. Was actually really nice. But very sickly.
We really enjoyed eating this in front of the TV watching a film. Unfortunately it did cause arguments as it was gone sooner than expected 😂. In future I will not be sharing and will need to buy one each.
I was very unsure with the combination to start with, but after tasting it I think it will become a firm favorite

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