4.8 5 0 197 197 Cadbury's deliciously creamy milk chocolate with golden, crunchie honeycomb pieces. Made with a Glass and a Half of fresh milk. Large 200g bar - perfect for sharing with the whole family.
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Favourite chocolate bar!!
My absolute favourite!! Good size bar. Usual on offer in tesco which means this falls into my basket weekly!
Dairy milk crunchie bits
This chocolate is so yummy. I ate it all in one go. It just melts in your mouth with the added bit of crunch from the bits. This needs no improvement. I need more of this. Would definitely purchase again
Amazing product
The chocolate bar is great as it has many crunchie pieces scattered throughout the bar, unlike some bars which contain little pieces. The bar doesn’t have the full taste of a crunchie as it’s more chocolaty but it’s good nonetheless. It’s better than crunchy rocks which are another alternative.
nice but oddly doesnt taste like a proper crunchie
this is really nice and satisfying but it oddly doesn't taste very much like a proper crunchie bar does, the bits are to small to give you the proper crunchie feel but I would buy again as it was nice.
Amazing choccie bar !!
I love chocolate and I love crunching this is 100% the best chocolate I’ve had in a long while both the crunchiness and chocolate wrapped up in one bar sums up happiness !!! :)
I absolutely love this chocolate!! I've always been a huge fan of the crunchie but this is in a different league. There's just the right balance of chocolate:crunchie. The sizes of crunchie bits don't overpower the chocolate. It's a great mix and I love it!
So moreish
This is a favourite in our house it never lasts very long!
Smooth and crunchy
Love this smooth chocolate with the right amount of honeycomb crunch added. They’re good value for money when on offer I question this when they’re standard price. If you love crunchies then you’ll love these.
Amazing chocolate that’s not for sharing
I don’t like normal crunchie bars, but these bars with the small crunchie pieces in are amazing, so flavoursome and rich, this is a Friday night film staple in our household
I found this the marriage made in heaven Cadbury’s dairy milk combined with bits of crunchie. It wasn’t too sweet, good to share and very tasty. All the family approved of this chocolate bar.
Just enough....
There are just enough bits of crunchie to not overpower the taste of the chocolate. Love it.
I love this chocolate. Just enough crunch. It tastes great. I don't think you could improve this product.
A great balance of chocolate and honeycomb
If you don't fancy a crunchie but do fancy a less amount of honeycomb this product is great for you. Absolutely love the taste. Would be nice to combine a dairy milk, a crunchie, and a Oro next.
You have got to buy this ! I would happily say that this is one of Dairy Milk's best bars yet, just the right amount of crunch without it being too sweet. D E L I C I O U S......
Love, love, love this! Its my new favourite chocolate bar! You have to try it!

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