4.9 5 0 50 50 Both rich & creamy When an abundance of rich cocoa is brought together with Cadbury creaminess a whole new world of chocolate is created. Welcome to Cadbury Darkmilk.
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this is heaven. The chocolate is so melty and the nuts are gorgeous. Best chocolate ever
Dark Chocolate Lovers Dream
I saw these recently and decided to pick them up and boy am I glad I did. I love dark chocolate but some times it can be quite bitter depending on the % but this paired with the almond is awesome. Even my husband who is not a dark chocolate fan thought it tasted fabulous. It's not too dear either which is always a plus. I have already repurchased and will continue to do so
I tried this for the first time just yesterday. I love almonds and I love dark chocolate! So the 2 together was perfect. I just wish dark chocolate wasn’t so sickly but that is no fault of Cadbury’s. If you love dark chocolate you would love this.
Rich & creamy, with added crunch
This new product is lovely! It brings the creamy smooth Cadbury taste, with added richness of dark chocolate together, & then throws in bits of almonds, for that added crunch. The chocolate is high quality, has a smooth texture, and tastes fab. The fact that it also contains nuts makes a fabulous mix.
Rich & Creamy chocolate
Loved this chocolate, very new & different, rich creamy taste. Only downside was the nuts, it would have been better with whole nuts instead of loads of bits which were a hard & tasteless.....
Absolutely beautiful
I am a big fan of Dark chocolate and I normally stick to one certain brand in particular BUT I had to try this and well, it was amazing!! It doesn’t leave the bitter taste in your moth and is so more ish!
nice but expensive
tastes like some of the continental chocolates although I would have been hard pushed to say the little pieces of nut were almond and not hazelnut as they were too small too taste properly. it seems expensive for the size but was rich and creamy. on offer I will buy again :)
lovely combination of milk and dark with that nutty taste,perfect for milk and plain lovers
Im not usually a fan of dark chocolate as I tend to find it a bit too bitter but this was creamy and sweet...love the combination with almonds too, added a nice crunch to compliment the chocolate.
not the best
tried this after seeing jason donavon advertising it, was expecting it to be great, but was a bit dissapointed, the nuts were very small and didnt taste great
Amazing chocolate!
The cadbury dark milk is my favourite Cadbury chocolate. It's smooth, rich and creamy. This bar with little almond pieces through the bar is pure luxury. I would 100% recommend this bar to everyone.
I just found my favourite dark chocolate. It is dark but is smooth and you don't feel guilty eating that. The best thing it has almond which I really like with chocolates. I truly recommend to everyone.
Gorgeous and smooth sized almonds
Super sexy creamy chocolate bar I recently tried. I love almonds and this bar is packed with tiny chips rather than whole ones like other bars which make it a smoother almond chocolate bar to enjoy rather than cruncher versions with whole almonds
Cadbury have definitely cracked this dark milk chocolate and the almond chips are super too.
Creamy and delicious!
Packet with almonds, creamy, and not too sweet, this chocolate is absolutely perfect for adults who want a treat! The crunchy roasted almonds are great to make you feel full as well.

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