4.7 5 0 74 74 Both rich & creamy When an abundance of rich cocoa is brought together with Cadbury creaminess a whole new world of chocolate is created. Welcome to Cadbury Darkmilk.
Cadbury Dark Milk Almond 85G
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Creamy taste
I love the creamy taste to the dark chcocolate. It's neither too milky or sweet like regular milk chocolate, nor is it just dark chocolate with a bit of milk added.
the plain new ones better dark milk
it was nice as its not so cocay as the so other makes, but i found the one with out nut more to my taste. And in the store they had a good offer which was well worth the pound spent.
I really enjoyed this bar. Not to strong on the cocoa part like most dark chocolates which I really enjoyed. although this meant it was difficult to only have a couple squares at a time. With the addition of the roasted almonds it gives the bar a luxury factor. Cadburys Darkmilk for the win!
I love this chocolate, feels and tastes so much more indulgent. Both creamy and that hint of dark chocolate is a mix that I'm treasuring as my weekly treat with the crunch of fresh almonds I'm hooked.
This is my new favourite chocolate bar. I am a fan of dark chocolate anyway but this is more creamy and does not have the bitter taste of dark. I also like nuts in my chocolate so this was a bonus for me. Even my hubby who does not normally like dark chocolate, wanted more. I would definitely recommend it.
Deliciously dark
Loved it. No bitterness like you find in some dark. It's creamy which is not what you expect from a dark chocolate the almonds give a lovely texture.
This is a chocolate to die for. So morish and too nice to share.
Definitely rich and creamy
I was excited to try this as I'm a big dark chocolate fan. I was very happy with how rich and ceamy it was and didn't have the bitterness that some dark chocolate has. The only criticism I have is that I couldn't taste much almond but I'm just a nut for nuts! I would definitely recommend this!
Love the rick creamy flavour
Not a massive dark chocolate fan but was pleasantly impressed with this one. It’s beyond creamy which lessens the intensity of the dark chocolate. I think all chocolate lovers should try it.
Taste great
I love Cadbury dark milk definitely my current favorite chocolate but I do find the small pieces of almond can get stuck in your teeth easily which can be a total pain.but the overall taste is great
I don’t usually like dark chocolate but decided to try this and I’m so pleased I did. There is no bitterness as you would normally get in a bar of plain chocolate, it’s just the perfect blend of dark and milk.
Creamy chocolate
My favourite chocolate has always been dark chocolate this has to be one of the smoothest dark chocolates I have eaten and with the addition of the nuts just makes it a perfect bar.
Too Many Nut Products!
Really not a fan of this chocolate. Dairy Milk seem to have run out of ideas over the last year or two because they only seem to be releasing naff nutty bars! This one has way too many nuts in it so much so you barely even notice the chocolate is there! Not worth a quid or 1.50 a bar anyway.
For us adults i say
This chocolate is really nice I love Dark chocolate this is different it a lot smoother. I don't think many children will go for this it is for us adults. I like the plan on with no nuts in. I really love it I give this 10 out of 10 for sure
Yum yum & yum
Just yummmmmm, not overly overpowered by dark chocolate but just enough to taste sweet

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