4.7 5 0 70 70 Both rich & creamy When an abundance of rich cocoa is brought together with Cadbury creaminess a whole new world of chocolate is created. Welcome to Cadbury Darkmilk.
Cadbury Dark Milk Almond 85G
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Amazing chocolate!
The cadbury dark milk is my favourite Cadbury chocolate. It's smooth, rich and creamy. This bar with little almond pieces through the bar is pure luxury. I would 100% recommend this bar to everyone.
I just found my favourite dark chocolate. It is dark but is smooth and you don't feel guilty eating that. The best thing it has almond which I really like with chocolates. I truly recommend to everyone.
Gorgeous and smooth sized almonds
Super sexy creamy chocolate bar I recently tried. I love almonds and this bar is packed with tiny chips rather than whole ones like other bars which make it a smoother almond chocolate bar to enjoy rather than cruncher versions with whole almonds
Cadbury have definitely cracked this dark milk chocolate and the almond chips are super too.
Creamy and delicious!
Packet with almonds, creamy, and not too sweet, this chocolate is absolutely perfect for adults who want a treat! The crunchy roasted almonds are great to make you feel full as well.
Absolutely love it
Absolutely the best dark chocolate I've ever had. I have always loved Cadbury borville chocolate but with added almonds it's devine, I think more almonds would be good and more choices of flavours.
This chocolate is literally my favourite chocolate bar now! I love It! Really smooth for a dark chocolate, so pleasant texture. Love the almond as well, my go too treat
New fav
Dark chocolate is a healthy chocolate choice but I always found it too rich for my taste but this invention is brilliant by Cadbury. Having the dark and milk mixed has quickly made this my new favourite chocolate bar especially with the nuts added. The milk chocolate helps lessen the richness and it literally melts in the mouth.
Mmmmm heaven
My favourite two chocolate bars, combined with my second favourite nut. Heavenly. Apparently my wish was Cadbury's command. How about a cashew nut version, for sheer perfect indulgence?
For the inbetweeners
It's not fully dark and it's not milk. It's a perfect mix of both and works so well with the almond. I love dark but don't always want the 70% this is creamy dark chocolate. My new fave
This is most definitely a mummy snack! It's so tasty that you can never really just have a piece then put it back, you've got to eat the entire thing in one sitting.. Then feel guilty about it later. I call these types of chocolates my 'car secrets'... I keep anything that I don't want to share with children /husband in the car, it wont be discovered in there and I can eat it when iv dropped them all off at school /work 😁😁 this chocolate is 100% a car secret 😁😁
Sooo good!
This chocolate is soo good! It's delicious and just perfect with a cup of tea and a book, makes a wonderful rainy afternoon!
I mistakenly bought a bar of this in a hurry thinking it was the toffee peanut bar , however I’m so glad that I did the only way to describe this chocolate is heavenly
super yummy
I tried a sample that Matalan were handing out over Easter, they were so good I ended up buying a bigger bar in the supermarket. It's super yummy and creamy. Oh so moreish!
Deliciously dark delight
Loved this as an indulgent treat alongside my afternoon coffee. More luxurious thank its milk chocolate alternative and very, very moreish! Gives artisan brands a run for their money!

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