4.7 5 0 57 57 Both rich & creamy When an abundance of rich cocoa is brought together with Cadbury creaminess a whole new world of chocolate is created. Welcome to Cadbury Darkmilk.
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This chocolate is delicious, in fact it’s too good as it’s so moreish! Love the creaminess of the milk chocolate with the stronger hint of dark chocolate. Perfection!!
Darkmilk from Cadbury's
I actually liked this, I would say this taste better than their milk version. I don't normally like dark, but this did taste good. Definitely would recommend.
Oh Lordy
Eating as I type! This a beautiful blend of chocolate especially if you like the rich dark coat her tongue type of chocolate but then the soft creamy texture works it way in it really is morerish and I will 100% be eating privately again 👏
I tried this chocolate as I don't like dark chocolate I was sceptical but this is delicious you could eat the whole bar... I did !
Smooth Dark Chocolate
I love this bar of chocolate and whilst it's not as chunky as the Dairy Milk it is just as delicious. It is a smooth dark chocolate and the roasted almonds are in the right context
Love this chocolate , find it’s a luxury version of the normal Cadbury’s I ate three whole bars on Mother’s Day and feel no shame
Cadbury at its best
Love the whole dark milk range. If you like dark chocolate but sometimes find it a little too bitter to have more than a couple of pieces then this stuff is dangerous I can easily eat the whole bar! Its rich dark and creamy!
Cadbury’s dark milk almond
Cadbury’s Dark milk almond flavoured rich chocolate. Yumm. Loved the taste and now I stock up.
I tried this when it was on special offer, this new bar is a must to try, its very smooth with a dark chocolate taste, bang on with the almond. however, bar needs to be thicker and its too pricey
Dark chocolate
Could be a bit more thicker chocolate for the price. Price and bit too high . Love the almonds and dark chocolate great taste
Best of both worlds
I was given a sample of this chocolate and was very surprised at just how creamy, yet rich and full of flavour it was. My Husband prefers dark chocolate, but I like milk, now we can share because we both loved this one.
Best yet
I was given a small sample bar, I don't like dark chocolate but o was I wrong this is beautiful the richest of dark and smoothness of the milk it's divine, I want more.

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