4.7 5 0 39 39 Perfect blend of rich cocoa notes with the smooth taste of Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel Pieces. Available in a 160g block.
Cadbury Dark Milk Crunchy Salted Caramel
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Grown up tasty chocloate
A nice chocolate taste, no bitterness, it was creamy and smooth
I love this chocolate. I am not usually a fan of dark chocolate but had this gifted to me. I love it! The balance between the bitter dark chocolate and the milk is spot on and I love the crunchy bits too.
I love chocolate and this bar is tasty with none of the bitter aftertaste you would normally get with dark chocolate. The salted caramel adds a nice sweetness.
Dark choco magic
I love dark chocolate and it completely satisfies my palette. Its a yummy yummy version of it and have been binging on it since I bought it.
It’s not like other dark chocolate, it’s really nice and doesn’t leave an after taste afterwards.
Love it
I'm a chocoholic and I love dark chocolate it's my favourite, I have loved caburys forever so having the two merged together it's my own little bar of heaven. This taste so good i totally recommend
Get in my belly. Warning I bought two bars of these and they didnt last 5 mins. Really yummy but very sweet. Bit pricey but it is dark chocolate. Would recommend for every chocoholic
Amazing, why Cadbury’s didn’t think of this sooner is beyond me. The salted caramel is salty, the chocolate decadently creamy enough to leave that delicious chocolate coating in your mouth with the sumptuous aftertaste of salty caramel . YES YES YES I recommend this product.
Fills both a gap in the market and a gap between meals.
Which do you prefer? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Both? Not sure? Well no longer do you have to decide. This delicious, creamy chocolate bar has it all - a beautiful balance of flavours with crunchy pops of salted caramel.
Just Wow
I loved the dark milk when it was first brought out and then when they added this addition I just had to try it. This is so flipping good! The texture of the chocolate is amazing and the caramel just makes it mouthwatering. Very very rich, but you can't help yourself.
Taste sensation
Dark chocolate with delicious extras, not easy to find a dark chocolate slab that is orange or almond. This is the best dark chocolate ever!
My secret
Having purchased this wonderful chocolate bar I decided it’s too delicious to share and it’s best keep a secret and when you try you will know why it’s heaven in your mouth
LOVE IT, I want More
I bought my self a bar,as I do enjoy chocolate, and its even better if its got caramel, I can eat loads then, but oh dear my waist line seems to be getting a little bigger, but it can't be my dark chocolate and caramel can it NOoooooo its got to be something else.
Deliciously smooth
Deliciously smooth chocolate, delightful salted caramel taste, it taste like an expensive chocolate, but it is very reasonably priced, the only negative is it could be Bigger. Will definitely be buying this again
Not bitter as dark chocolate typically is - a nice change
I bought this for my husband who adores dark chocolate. He was very impressed. He also loves salted caramel so a combination of his two favourite things meant I was onto a winner. He insisted I try some (i am not a fan of dark chocolate as I have a very sweet tooth and so usually find dark choc to be too bitter for me. I was surprised to find that wasn't my experience here. Cadburys Dark Milk with its salted caramel was creamy and I think much nicer than usual dark chocolate.

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