4.6 5 0 29 29 Perfect blend of rich cocoa notes with the smooth taste of Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel Pieces. Available in a 160g block.
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Deliciously smooth
Deliciously smooth chocolate, delightful salted caramel taste, it taste like an expensive chocolate, but it is very reasonably priced, the only negative is it could be Bigger. Will definitely be buying this again
Not bitter as dark chocolate typically is - a nice change
I bought this for my husband who adores dark chocolate. He was very impressed. He also loves salted caramel so a combination of his two favourite things meant I was onto a winner. He insisted I try some (i am not a fan of dark chocolate as I have a very sweet tooth and so usually find dark choc to be too bitter for me. I was surprised to find that wasn't my experience here. Cadburys Dark Milk with its salted caramel was creamy and I think much nicer than usual dark chocolate.
I am actually very unsure about this, I don’t associate carburys with dark chocolate so I am still trying to get my head around this. The taste was strange but I think this may be because I was tainted. So I would recommend and say give it a go.
The taste of salty Chocolate is absolutely amazing.
The slight saltiness compliments the sweetness perfectly & the added little crunchy bits ensure this chocolate is a taste & texture expolsion, that is simply heavenly
Best of both worlds
Slight hint of bitterness and sweetness of the chocolates, then the salt and sweet of the caramel, taste explosion, with different textures too..... Yum!
Loved it
Loved it, creamy and smooth. Absolutely delicious Almost like a dime bar but much more chocolatey. The crunch of the salted caramel gives a lovely contrast to the smooth rich chocolate.
So disappointed
I expected this to be similar to a high-end milk choc bar (something with around 50% cocoa solids). It was really bitter, with a terrible mouth feel. Not buying again.
Dark and delicious
Loved this! However it is more dark than milk chocolate in flavour, which suits me as no one in our household likes dark choc except me so I got it all to myself. Really lovely texture, great flavour, absolute winner 👍🏻
Where is the Milk?
I love Cadburys chocolate whether it be dairy milk or Bournville. However I struggled with this bar of chocolate as the dark chocolate totally overpowers the milk chocolate although the salted caramel is quite nice. Personally I think the milk and plain chocolate bars should be seperate
Soooooo good!!
Only bought this product originally as Jason Donovan was promoting it but OMG it is the nicest chocolate I've had in a long time... esp the salted caramel one 😍😍
Nice, but......
This new chocolate left somewhat disappointed. I was really looking forward to trying this. It left me feeling that I would rather have a bar of milk chocolate and a bar of dark chocolate.
I absolutely love dark chocolate, and was excited to try this new product. I bought the salted caramel one by happy accident and am so glad I did. This is perfect for dark chocolate lovers, and quite possibly my new favourite.
Amazballs chocolate
never thought I'd like the dark milk chocolate, but it is now my favourite Cadbury chocolate! The chocolate is so rich and creamy and I love the little bits of crunchy salted caramel through the bar. If you like this one, make sure you try the almond and original too. I can literally sit and eat a large bar in one go!
Mouthwateringly gorgeous.
It was from the opening of the packet until the last piece my mouth would not stop watering i love salted caramel and chocolate combined was fantastic

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