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Cadbury Double Decker Spread
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double decker spread
This sensational double decker spread will leave your taste buds watering I honestly have a massive chocolate obsession and this double decker spread is one of my favorites it taste amazing and exactly how you would expect it to taste I would highly recommend this product
If you like double decker you will love this spread was a huge hit in our home and will buy again in future
My whole family loved this spread and does taste good but not quite as good a proper double decker bar!
Yummy treat
I love a double decker, so really wanted this to be good. It's definitely a yummy chocolatey treat, but not quite the full double decker favour.
Loved by the whole family
My whole family loved this! I bought it as a bit of an indulgent treat and boy did it deliver! The first one of these types of spreads that I have thought tasted like the chocolate it’s supposed to - creamy yummy and we especially enjoyed the crispy bits - we put this on pancakes too and it was delicious x
Nice and crunchy
This is a nice and tasty spread, plenty of flavour. Great crunchy bits in it, just adds to the overall greatness of it.
Just use a spoon
I often treat myself to jars of chocolate spreads, I hide them in a cupboard and use them as a little pick me up treat. Don't bother putting it on bread or to add just settle down with a spoon and enjoy!
Give me a spoon
If you like a double decker then you will love this, great on bad for you white bread or add a dollop to ice cream
One of the things I cannot resist, it may be a spread but I tend to have eat at spoonful rather than as a spread. An adorable taste with the temptation to contunie eating once start eating eat cannot tell your self to stop.
Strange but true!
I was actually given this as a joke gift. I love savoury foods and have no problems eating vindaloo for breakfast. My colleagues think this strange but I counter this with "no stranger than having chocolate for breakfast" (coco pops etc) I then said my colleagues were so much in love with chocolate, they would have it between 2 slices of bread. Well, they do! And I have also tried it. A bizarre concoction and I'm still not sure, but the product is tasty and that's a winner. I'm not sure of the health benefits but for something different, quick and easy to prepare, occasionally I will have some. So good, but not something I would buy for myself
Double decker lover
I absolutely love double deckers. This is nearly just as good as them. Will definitely always keep this stocked in my cupboard
Doubly deckerliscious
This was an extra special treat, it taste every bit a lovely as the bar, enjoy on warm fruit bagel or to really behave badly mix it in with your ice cream
Absolutely addictive! Found myself on many occasions with my fingers in the tub, one if the best spreads I've tried
I am always dubious when great treats are made into spreads. I have tried a few in the past and have felt dissapointed. However, the double decker is different and i felt like i was a kid again trying to have a double decker on a sandwich. No more squashing the bar i now have a spread that looks ,smells and tastes exactly as the treat itself. I am on my second jar now and will be buying again.
Best chocolate spread ever
We have tried pretty much all the chocolate spreads. Usually nothing beats good old nutella but this one was amazing. I actually ate it out the jar with a spoon.

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