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Cadbury Flake Cupcakes 2 per pack
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Wish they had more then two in a pack as these are divine!.big hit with my kids too.
I like them very much the chocolate on top was very good I will have them again.
Chocolate heaven. Can't resist these cupcakes, very moist and scrummy
aww these flake buns look proper nice could i try one for free to test plz
I love Cadbury's products but I just look at the amount of plastic in the packaging. I cannot in all honesty buy this which is a shame. Ditch the packaging Cadbury's!
these for an extra to a birthday cake for my 6 year old birthday this month! They are so moreish! Definatly need more than two! Would definatly be buying these again! (No need for occasion) hah
it's not my birthday. but would some one pass me 2 cup cakes.
never heard of it be for id like to try a free sample thank you.
These look delicious. I will certainly look out for them when i next do a shop.
I love chocolate and cupcakes so what a perfect combination made better by having flakes on top.
Mmm omg would love to try these flakes my fave choccy
I would have to hide these Yummy cupcakes from my Son and Husband, so i could enjoy them in peace.They look so Chocolaty and gorgeous.
I could eat these right now. They look absolutely delicious I haven't seen them in the supermarket by me yet I hope they stock them soon although I have a funny feeling they won't be hanging around on the shelves for long. They definitely wouldn't last five minutes in my house.

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