3 5 0 108 108 Sweet crispy wheat pillows with cocoa and a vanilla flavour soft filling.
Cadbury Joyfills Oreo Vanilla Creme Biscuits
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Leaves you wanting more
I love oreo joy fills. They taste so good. they are quite small and it's perfect to take out when going somewhere like walks/picnic etc.
Hellishly moreish
OK so honestly just like oreos you kind of think they are going to be more amazing than they actually are. However I'm having to give it a 4 star because despite this I sat and ate the bag in one sitting.... To myself. They are so moreish it's unreal, and I couldn't help picking up the bag over and over.
Ok as a snack, however quite bland would work better as a cereal
Tasty and crunchy
I love these there full of flavour and have a lovely crunch to them. However my two sons disagree with me they are not a fan so I suggest you try them for yourself
These are okay for a snack as you don’t really get much inside. Also it just tasted like pieces of cereal to me didn't get much of the Oreo taste at all
Love Oreos, but hate these
These lacked any sort of taste, they were horrible to eat, very cardboard like, love normal Oreos though.
More like cereal
I was eager to try these when they reached the shop shelf ,a small pack but overall quite good taste was ok but i would not buy again as they are more like a cereal rather than a snack etc
Other reviews seem harsh
These are a pretty nice snack. You may be disappointed if you expect them to be exactly like an oreo - they are more dry and cereal-like on the outside and the filling is not the same as oreo filling. They are, as a standalone product, pretty tasty. My biggest issue was that they are so brittle many of them turned to dust in the packet.
Lighter Oreo's
These taste great, so good they went far, far too quickly, would certainly buy again.
Didn’t bring me joy!
I love Oreos so when I saw these in my local supermarket I thought they would be amazing, however they aren’t, remind me of a cereal and certainly don’t taste like Oreo. Wasn’t impressed at all!
Dry cereal alternative
Movie nights in our household consist of half of everyone grabbing a box of cereal and eating it dry during the movies. I seen these in store and thought they would be a good alternative. They don't taste like oreo and they are a bit too sweet but they are nice overall. They do break very easily though and there is quite a bit of dust at the bottom of the packaging but worth grabbing when they are on offer
These were in a gift bag I bought from the Cadbury shop while on holiday it was the first time I'd seen them They dont taste like your typical oreo and I find them a little too dry and sweet to be honeat
Not a fan
These were OK however they did not taste like the original oreos, were harder to chew and just did not feel right. These were also way to sweeter than the original oreo cookie. You better have one oreo cookie that these.
Yummy cereal alternative
I ate these as a snack but once I had eaten them I realised it tasted a lot like a cereal rather than a bag of chocolate you eat. These would be good as a cereal rather than a snack as they are yummy for Oreo lovers but the price for the size bag you get is stupid! It just tastes like dry cereal but with milk I imagine it would be yummy!
Bought these for my son who loves Oreo he said they taste fab and I tried 1 to be honest I dont like Oreo but these were pretty nice .

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