4.6 5 0 647 647 Chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and a vanilla flavour creme, covered with milk chocolate.
Cadbury Mini Rolls Raspberry Family Size
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Nice sweet snack
Nice and tasty little snack, it's not too sweet and have a bit of jam inside which makes it moist inside, great as I prefer that than a dry cookie. Lovely and tasty, recommended
Love it with a cuppa tea yummy
I love this and so does my son. I prefer this to the plain chocolate roll version. The jam inside enhances the flavour of the chocolate
Mini Roll
Very soft but lovely tasting. The jam ones are better than plain. These are nice If kept in the fridge otherwise they can melt. So much nicer than Aldi ones which are similar. Would happily buy again.
So sweet
We as a family absolutely love these mini rolls. The chocolate is soft and thin and the centre is jammy & creamy they are delicious for a treat or with a cuppa! Would recommend 100%
Everyone in the house loves these, great small little snack. Raspberry flavour really comes through. Perfect for popping in a bag to take out.
Wonderful treat!!!!
I absolutely love these - I am anybody’s for one or two of these They are soft and the jammy /cream centre is absolutely delicious and the chocolate covering is thin and just enough
Simply the best
Over the years the mini roll has evolved but is still a classic in my opinion! The perfect sweet treat with that gorgeous taste. They don’t last long enough in our house though as they are devoured in quick time !
Great snack
These are really tasty and the raspberry cuts through the chocolate. I think these are best for a weekend treat as they are quite sugary. Is it possible to reduce the plastic packaging?
Great treat
We love these in our house! They are SO much better than the original ones. Great for pack lunches and a nice treat with a cup of tea, would 100% recommend.
Love them
Absolutely love these and so does my family they dont last long in our snack box would definitely recommend you try nice taste moist sponge raspberry and coated in Cadbury chocolate what more could we want
Absolutely delicious there is plenty of cream and jam and they go well with a cuppa.
Heaven in a roll
I absolutely loves these Whats not to love. Only tried these recently. Only minus is that in a house with 3 other people you have to be fast or they will disappear lol
Classic family fave
Love mini rolls they r a family fave in our house I will continue to buy and recommend good quality good size and value for money I really enjoy these as a treat and so do my children
These are delicious! Definitely buying again! Great taste. Lots of flavour
Definitely addicted to these once I start theres no stopping me! Perfect for a quick snack and even nicer when they been in the fridge and they are cold! I would definitely recommend these!

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