4.6 5 0 648 648 Chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and a vanilla flavour creme, covered with milk chocolate.
Cadbury Mini Rolls Raspberry Family Size
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Definitely addicted to these once I start theres no stopping me! Perfect for a quick snack and even nicer when they been in the fridge and they are cold! I would definitely recommend these!
Sweet and addictive
So, these are gone within a few days of purchase mainly because my husband and I just can’t stop eating them so they have become a great item. They do not fill you up at all but gosh they taste good.
These are absolutly delishious! Perfect for the kids lunch box's or just a cheeky little snack. The raspberry jam is a wonderful addition. I would recommend these to everyone. Yummy
Favourite treat
Absolutely love these. Just the right size. Perfect amount of chocolate covering them and the beautiful raspberry jam just finishes it off. Amazing.
Kids love them
I'm not sure as not a great fan of raspberry, would love to try strawberry ones. Kids on the other hands think they're great. Chocolatey hands & faces with NUM bum bum noises means they are a winner with my toddlers. My teen-age daughters also love them, they have to be hidden in the back of the cupboard so they don't disappear as soon as I buy them.
My kids prefer these to the normal chocolate ones, the like the extra fruit flavour, they said it made them less boring
A hit with the kids
The kids really loved these and they said it made a nice change from the usual just chocolate they said they tasted nice and would have them again
The perfect little treat
I always have a have packet in the fridge as the whole family really do love them. They are super yummy are our go to treat. They are not too chocolate or they make a great snack if you love chocolate but fancy something different. A total must have in my house
quite nice
honestly wasnt expecting much but it was quite nice. The chocolate was tasty and the sponge soft and the raspberry added flavour and a sweet taste in the mouth .would suggest getting
Love it
What can I say, my kids love these great little treats
These are delicious! Definitely buying again! Great taste. Lots of flavour
Oh my good golly gosh nailed the lot one sitting yummy they taste nice I put the in jelly oh u all need to try them don't change them please
These are lovely little snacks, great for the children with a packed lunch, days out. Just the right size for children. Also they are good for an after dinner treat. Not sickly the chocolate compliments the cake nicely
Something different
The boys really enjoyed these. A little different from the traditional flavour.
Cadbury girl
I grew up on all things Cadbury. My family love these mini rolls for snacks and an occasional treat in their lunch box. I love the plain one more but my family love the added fruit flavour of this one. They just need to make them a little bigger for adults :)

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