4.6 5 0 622 622 Chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and a vanilla flavour creme, covered with milk chocolate.
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Tastes brilliant
I always have to buy to packs as they all go in one go they are so very addictive and mouth watering, they better than the original flavour, they should introduce new flavours like strawberry
Chocolate rolls
I love all things chocolate pretty much. So as much as I mainly eat gluten free cakes these are very yummy and moreish. They are a guilty pleasure at a reasonable price.
Value for money
I like mini rolls because you get a good amount for your money, my children love them and I also eat one every now and then. Good for picnics and party snacks
Love these - it’s a good thing they’re small else I’d eat a lot! The raspberry in them make them even nicer. Tastes similar to a sponge cake coated in chocolate!
Raspberry & chocolate a poor combination
Why put raspberry with chocolate? It just doesn’t taste nice at all. A poor combination compared to normal chocolate & vanilla. I wouldn’t have made a conscious effort to buy these just ticked the wrong product whilst internet grocery shopping.
Taste Amazing
My four children absolutely loved them the packet lasted a total of 1 hour in my household ! Didn’t even get to taste one lol
All time favourite
For years I have always bought these for my kids. They are now adults and I still buy them. They love the jam filling and chocolate coating of these rolls. I usually buy them when they on special offer
Brilliant idea
We had these for a work meeting and we all loved this treat. It was definitely a match made in heaven We all even went back for a a second one. I would definitely recommend this mini roll
Chocolate overload
I have tried the original and now have tried these raspberry ones, there is not much difference but the taist is delish. I would add a slightly bit more flavour but thats all.
Can't beat a Mini Roll
You can't beat a mini roll - especially when it uses the superior raspberry jam instead of rubbishy strawberry.
Not to my taste buds
I am not a big fan of these mini rolls. I prefer the original chocolate flavour.
Who doesn't love a mini roll and to add in a little bit of raspberry.... Yum!! Buy these quite often. Perfect for having friends/family round for a chat.
Chocolate with hint of raspberry
So yummy .. I just loved the texture .. it’s too good and tasty .. I have bought few packets already. Thank you so much
their good, i don't buy mini rolls often but these raspberry ones are as good as the others
minirolls strawberry
love these minirolls the best better than chocolate ones my granddaughter loves them and my husband

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