4.6 5 0 622 622 Chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and a vanilla flavour creme, covered with milk chocolate.
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Prefect for a small snack!
Love the added cream in these mini rolls, much nicer than the plain jam ones. I'd definitely buy these again.
Not the same
Used to love these but now I think they changed the ingredients or something as they don't taste the same
We love it
As a daily we absolutely love these. These are always at the top of my shopping lists. My boy can't get enough of them. He takes one to school in his packed lunch everyday. We would definitely recommend these
Kids love them
Personally I find them quite sickly but I still buy them because my son loves them. They're a great little snack.
Soft sponge, light chocolate coating and the raspberry filling adds a fruity twist
Not as good as the "original" variety
My family thought that this variant was quite basic, but edible. Though not one thought that they were as good as the "original" variety, Though having the vanilla sponge does give alternatives and makes for a change.
Lovely, the taste going around your mouth...wow... always have two at a time
Just perfect
Perfect treat with my coffee. Absolutely love it. Chocolate and raspberry flavours are my favourite.
So tasty
Individually wrapped cake bars in a pack, taste lovely with sponge/cream/jam filling coated in chocolate. Great price too.
Not so mine if you eat them all !!
These mine rolls are very tasty you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend
Yummy treat
4/4 kids approval. its a yummy snack for kids to have at snack time because they have mixed cream and raspberry (quite a nice mix) here is a little improvement, put more raspberry in but still keep the cream a good size.
These are really nice. They are great for just having in the cupboard to snack or if you have guests. Eat one and you cannot stop! Also great to have in your bag or in the car as a quick top-up ion sugar.
Raspberry Mini Rolls
I really liked these, but I love mini rolls anyway. The jam and cream complimented each other very well. Only problem is, I can't just have one. Very Moreish. 😀
Too sweet
I wanted to like this product but I found them to be too sweet, I'm not sure whether it was the jam or the cream inside. I didn't check to see if it was loaded with sugar but I don't think I'll buy them again.
Raspberry mini rolls
These are very nice. One is never enough for me though, they are great as a snack on the go. Love the raspberry filling. No improvement needed, I would recommend these 💯

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