4.6 5 0 648 648 Chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and a vanilla flavour creme, covered with milk chocolate.
Cadbury Mini Rolls Raspberry Family Size
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Mini rolls yummy
Love these mini rolls prefer these raspberry jam ones to the original chocolate just the perfect size to have with a cuppa
Fancied a change
Bought these as they were on offer in my local supermarket, my granddaughter and myself love the original ones so thought we would give these a try for a change. Bit disappointed in the taste thought they were quite bland and nowhere near a creamy as the original ones. Will be sticking to the original ones from now on
Mini rolls
Nice light snack between meals or just a little treat nice raspberrie jam taste and lovely cadburys chocolate.
These are lovely cakes..the cream and jam inside go together very well..nice twist on the orignial one which has cream inside only
Mini rolls
Always in my shopping list. My son loves them. I have to hide them as they are too sugary. He prefers the original flavour.
Household favourite
Everyone loves this in the house. Light and fluffy and a tasty treat. They end up finishing quick too!
mini rolls
Perfect classic lunch box filler! Absolutely loved by the whole family, the jam mini rolls are our favourite, I am hoping they could design a better way of packaging as there always seems to be a lothowever I would recommend
These are so yummy! I love all things raspberry but these are delicious. I could easily sit and eat a whole pack in one sitting. Tangy and refreshing, the raspberry flavouring goes perfectly with the dark chocolate coating. Recommend 100%.
This is a favourite in our house, the kids take them to school and we take them to work as they are wrapped in separate wrappers. The raspberry flavour is lovely, not to sweet.these bars are nice and fluffy, never dry. Very recommend from us
These are a classic snack, I get these for my kids to have for a treat. Can’t say anything bad other than once you have one it’s hard not to have another. I definitely recommend these
You can find them in my bag all the time!! Carrying them everywhere haha just because they are so delicious!!!
I get these for my daughters and end up eating them myself! Very tasty shame they aren't bigger as I end up eating a couple at a time! They are also cheap highly recommend, really good for snacks and even birthday parties.
Tasty snacks!
These are really tasty snacks, great to satisfy that quick craving, but also great for pack lunches they are perfect size my son takes them in his pack lunch to school! Very yummy!
I like all the mini rolls especially those with fruity filling. Could eat them all day long plus price is good.
Good but too much sugar
It's a classic favourite for many and I like the fruity flavour. This is not great for us as it contains a lot of sugar, other than that it's nice for a treat now and then.

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