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Lovely little bites, only Problem is once you open the bag it’s easy to eat the lot! Great combination of peanut, raisin, wafer and caramel, quite high in sugar but great for occasional treat
Lovely little bites
These bites are so nice can’t get enough of them - the chocolate and filling are not a disappointment
Perfect little mounds of chocolate fruit nut chewy ness. Great for sharing, but only if you have to !!
I love picnic. My other half got these to share. Share??? I eat the lot lol yummy
Picnic is my favourite chocolate. Chocolate, raisins and nuts are so good combination. Shame is not much chocolate in the pack but in the other hand its good as you won’t eat too much.
Go on, just one more
Great little treats for a quick boost and very tempting to eat ‘just one more’. Could do with a bit more topping though
Love picnic bars!
Love the normal sized picnic bars and these are great for sharing. They are good for little fingers that like to “share” my treats 😂
Nice but moorish
Whilst I still prefer the standard picnic bars these are a nice small treat, I tend to find two are enough though as they are very moorish.
Great bag of yummy treats! I love the regular size bar but these little bites are just right!
Yummy treats. Also works great when I’ve made a big chocolate fudge cake perfect to decorate with along with other Cadbury favourites!
Adore picnics as a whole anyway,but these are great for sharing!.We watched a film and shared these out,mmmm.
These are yummy. They didn’t last very long at all in our house. Definitely one to hide from your kids. Great Cadbury’s taste.
I like this and bought it just for me as i know my kids wont touch it as it has nuts and raisins so something for me that will last
I was pleasantly surprised with these, usually when you have a miniature version of something, it is not of the same quality or consistency. I find that most miniature versions have something missing and only resemble the original version. These were great, tasted just the same, were quite filling and hit the spot. I will definitely buy again.
Personally prefer the larger size picnic bars usually love them but the bite sized version isn’t so good random sizes and random bits of stuff in doesn’t taste like the normal chocolate bar.

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