4.9 5 0 42 42 Cadbury Twirl Milk Chocolate Finger Twin Bars have been repackaged. This vegetarian product now retails in a newly designed 136g pack containing four 34g units and featuring the Cocoa Life logo and a QR code.
Cadbury Twirl Milk Chocolate Finger Twin Bars
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Yummy snacks
There is nothing nicer than the creamy, milky taste of Cadbury chocolate. The iconic coloured wrapper and clear descriptions, make it easy to identify. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Another classic. Like a flake but with a little jacket to try and catch some of the falling flakes 😄
Tasty buy smaller
I love Twirls, they chocolate is tasty. But they are way smaller than they used to be. Like half the size of what a Twirl used to be like. These have been gradually shrinking over the years, I think they reduce them in size slightly each year lol anymore shrinking and we will be buying air filled packs with a crumb of chocolate lol
Cadburys Twirl double
As being a lover of twirl this was a must have purchase. nice size fingers very crumbly full of flavour . Nice with a cuppa on hand. Would recommend
Super cheap and tasty
I love this packs as they are cheap and you get good value for your money. If you are looking to make your chocolate experience even better, stick these in the freezer for a couple of hours before indulging.
My whole house love these bars, they are creamy, smooth and just melt in your mouth. I like them best once they have been in the fridge. I mostly purchase them when there on special offer and make sure i stock up
Love it but bits annoy me!!! Waste of choc I cou!e eat
Love product but hate and love Lee fact it crumbles and some choc gets lots and all over me ususlly!!!! I'm in m y middle age so not a child either. Maybe it's because I prefer cold chocolate?? Love love love 💘
Best chocololate ever
by far the best product available. The shiny sparkle of the purple wrapper invites your eyes straight to the packet,the extra free bars make this a more tempting treat. The taste of the chocolate as it melts in the mouth just invites u back bite after bite...brilliant chocolate bars
Crumbly chocolatey goodness
You can never really fault Cadbury chocolate. It's always lovely and creamy, and this is somewhat crumbly melt in the mouth too. Again can normally get 4 of these for £1 on offer
Twirl multipack
It's everything you'd expect from a Twirl, just multiplied. Very melt-in-your-mouth and great sharing size.
Smooth and velvety
This is a tastebud sensation. Melt in your mouth smoothness..and its a 4 pack too
Smooth and tasty
Nice smooth chocolate that almost melts in your mouth and tastes lovely
Smooth chocolate
Taste is devine a smooth milk chocolate with great texture, just melts in your mouth. A great everyday chocolate bar.
Got me in a twirl
These are the best.. Loved these since they first came out.. Love the rich smooth chocolate.. Could eat them everyday
Cadbury chocolate mmm
These are amazing but they seem to be getting smaller and smaller for the same price if not more expensive. The product is still as good if not better but not the price 🤔

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