4.8 5 0 74 74 Cadbury Twirl Milk Chocolate Finger Twin Bars have been repackaged. This vegetarian product now retails in a newly designed 136g pack containing four 34g units and featuring the Cocoa Life logo and a QR code.
Cadbury Twirl Milk Chocolate Finger Twin Bars
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Can't go wrong with these
Love these twirl bars! One of my favourite chocolates!
Ultimate favourite
My favourite chocolate. Perfect size, portion and at a decent price. Can never turn down a twirl!
Best of chocolate 😍
This is one of my favourite chocolate bars! You can not go wrong! ❤️❤️
Cadbury, reliable brand, beautiful chocolate. God I love chocolate!!!
I love Cadbury Twirl chocolate bars. They have such a lovely flakey filling but don't make such a mess as they have the chocolate coating. They make a lovely treat! Totally recommend these.
Great for a snack, so creamy. I always have them in my cupboards. They’re like a flake but less messy! Love them.
One of my and families favourite Cadbury’s bars, always have a supply for those chocolate fixes
Chocolate covered Flake
I love these chocolate bars. To me they are chocolate covered flakes but with creamier chocolate. Always have these in my cupboard. Would recommend.
Great chocolate
I love eating Twirl, its great as a snack or when i need a pick me up!
Just fabulous 💕
I absolutely adore chocolate. It’s so yummy. We buy these regularly as a treat. Absolutely love a twirl.
These are lovely, yes it’s chocolate and everyone loves chocolate but these are light so you never feel full (or guilty) after eating 1 or 2, 3 or even 4 of these
Melt in the mouth
I absolutely adore Twirls, the thick chocolate and crumbly texture inside make for a chocolatey delight. Great for decorating cupcakes too, I prefer using them to flakes. If you love chocolate then definitely give Twirl a try!
Great chocolate
Although I am not a massive fan of Cadbury’s products in general, I do like these! The ‘airy’ texture is really nice and they melt in your mouth nicely
Double the fun!
Absolutely love a twirl chocolate bar! Cadbury’s chocolate is by far the best and who doesn’t want to get 2 bars in one! Only downside is the slight mess that comes with the crumbliness of this chocolate, but the taste makes up for it!
Choc fix
It's the best chocoholic fix its melt in the mouth its cadburys what else is there to say

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