4.6 5 0 33 33 Cadbury Wispa Textured Milk Chocolate Bar has been repackaged in a 120g pack containing four 30.5g individually wrapped bars, and featuring the Cocoa Life logo and a QR code. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is said to feature the tiniest bubbles and the biggest taste.
Cadbury Wispa Textured Milk Chocolate Bar
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Lovely smooth taste. Just big enough bar. Can’t beat Cadbury chocolate. My grandson’s favourite bar
Nice but sweet
I used to love wispas but recently I have found that they have got both smaller and sweeter and taste less chocolatey. I would still buy them but not as often!
I love them
This is one of my favourite chocolate bars, smooth and light but with a nice "bite" to it. I love my chocolate and this one in particular!
In my opinion one of the best chocolate bars available. An absolute classic.
Fine chocolate
Little treats at a very good value Perfect for my lunch snack
Brings back memories of childhood
Wispas were a favourite of mine growing up so for a hit of nostalgia this is my go to treat
Bubbly goodness.
Wispa is all about the texture. It's the soft silkiness of Cadburys but a whipped bubbly texture. Melts i the mouth.
Bubbly loveliness
I love Wispa chocolate and the lovely bubbly texture but they don’t crumble everywhere. The bars just don’t seem to last very long now, especially now the size of them is much smaller than they used to be.
I love these
These are my favourite chocolate bars they melt in ur mouth I could eat all 4 bars
Love it!
This product is amazing, it melts in your mouth and provides a great taste. Only downfall is I always want another one! They also taste nice crumbled onto angel delight/ chocolate mousse. Would 100% recommend this product!
The whispa chocolate bar is nice and bubbly. The chocolate texture is melt in the mouth bubbly and taste just ad it used to - traditional wonderful taste. I would recommend this to everyone, eat as a snack, crumble onto ice cream, or on cake.
Wow got to be one of the best chocolate bars around i love the. It is bubbly, smooth and just melts in your mouth. The whole family love them, 4 bars is just not enough. I buy them regularly and will continue to.
Good old Cadburys
It never let's us down and these light bubbly bars are no exception and an absolute firm favourite in our house. A pack of 4 does us perfectly as we are 2 adults and 2 children. Normally managed to get a pack of 4 for £1
So nice
I was so happy to see these back on the shelves when they came back that they went straight into the fridge, and in my opinion the only way to east them is straight out of the fridge too
Great smooth chocolate
Lovely velvety chocolate shame about the size, like all the chocolate bars with Cadbury’s the sizes are so small that they are more a fun size than a normal sized chocolate bar, when you want smooth velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth to last you prefer it to be a bigger bar, a lot of people are complaining that the size has reduced but the price has also increased 🤔 not good

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