4.7 5 0 80 80 Cadbury Wispa Textured Milk Chocolate Bar has been repackaged in a 120g pack containing four 30.5g individually wrapped bars, and featuring the Cocoa Life logo and a QR code. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is said to feature the tiniest bubbles and the biggest taste.
Cadbury Wispa Textured Milk Chocolate Bar
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Cadbury’s is my favourite chocolate so what’s not to like about wispa. Nice texture and taste. The only thing I can fault is that multi packs are smaller sized bars
I like these they are a classic and can’t go wrong really!
Who doesn’t enjoy a wispa? Classic Cadbury chocolate bar and always a great sweet treat in my house. Would be good to make a pack of smaller bars so I don’t over indulge. Maybe mixed with wisps gold :)
Love it
My absolute favourite chocolate, we buy these every week. Perfect texture, goes great with a cup of tea.
Not keen
I’m personally not keen on these I find the chocolate too heavy and hard not my cup of tea
Wispa in my ear!
Cadburys Wispas are amazing, yet again another item I much purchase in my weekly shopping. Tastes amazing with a wee cuppa tea!
Tastes amazing
I love Wispa bars and always have them in the house. They are just the right size. There are four in a pack and I think they are very good value. I love the texture of these bars.
Little bar of heaven
This chocolate bar is full of creamy smooth chocolate. It is gorgeous it melts in your mouth straight away. The bar seems to get smaller over the years. I would definitely recommend this to all those chocolate lovers out there.
Lovely choc
I love this bar of chocolate I take it out of the fridge it is fantastic creamy bar. I eat it with my cup of coffee. I wish they made dark bars.
Delicious creamy and my whole family loves it. Tasty full of flavour
Great taste
Wispa bars have shrunk in size over the years with this four pack resembling mini bars. That said, they are great tasting chocolate that are smooth to eat and satisfy a chocolate craving.
Wonderful wispa
Nothing beats this amazing chocolate bar I love the taste the design and texture and perfect when you are on the go I love also how you can find on offer in most supermarkets I would so recommend to try it's yum
These bars are so smooth and melt in your mouth and they're so nice to eat cos they leave no mess
Love Wispa!
I love Wispa chocolate, and this pack is a great size
Yummy treat
Wispa are delicious and a big favourite in our house. Very creamy and bubbly. Cadbury chocolate that melts in your mouth.

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