4.7 5 0 432 432 An Oreo Choc flavoured sandwich Cookie with Vanilla flavoured Creme coated in Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Cadburys Coated Oreo
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I do love chocolate and have a sweet tooth, however I found these to be slightly sickly. They are great if you’re craving sugar but you will get full very quick
The best!!
These are the best!! If you love Oreos, you will love these!! Such a great treat to have and definitely fulfils that chocolate craving!
gift that went down a treat
i bought these in the white choc covered for my daughter boyfriend at xmas as he is massive oreo fan, he said they were to die for , lots of choc covering and tasted great , will def be keeping a look out again
Omg! These are out of this world! If you like Oreo and you like Cadbury’s chocolate it’s an absolute dream!! My favourite if the Oreo range so far!!
I’m not a huge fan of Oreos as I find they can be a bit dry but these are delicious so I was very pleasantly surprised and would definitely buy them again
Deliciousness defined
Seriously, buy more than one pack! More ish and chocolatey, but not sickly. They literally melt in the mouth. Normal oreos now have no place in our house! New family favourite.
Mmm naughty but nice
These are a delicious choc coated devil .on opening the pack your first one is mmm yummy, smooth chocolate flavoure , a few bites and gone .so one or maybe two are not enough .so indulge yourself in a crunch chocolate heaven and enjoy .
Just delicious! Amazingly goes together . Became a favourite family biscuits
Soo good!!
Well you have oreos which are good and then there are these!! Gone in minutes, could do with more in the box!! Also tried in white, I don't like white chocolate but I like these! Not good at dunking. Original oreos for that and would make a nice addition to Christmas biscuits and for special occasions also.
Great taste , you think it's chocolate but when you bite the biscuit your mouth it's full of creamy flavours!could ot be dark and maybe chocolate with nuts!
I like the Canbury brand, this edition is excellent Oreao appealed to me not only me but all my family :) I recommend it is really tasty and has a handy packaging that is easy to store in your bag :)
Overall they tasted quite nice, however they were a bit too sweet. All they consisted of was normal Oreo cookies with chocolate on them so it wasn't very special. I wouldn't recommend these necessarily because they aren't much better than normal Oreo cookies.
Oreos just got better!
I loved the coated version of oreo. There is a very generous layer of chocolate covering making it a really tasty treat. I think I prefer this to normal oreos as the chocolate is both satisfying, tasty and provides an extra smooth texture to the crunchy oreo when biting into it.
Sounds weird to say but I'm not a massive fan of oreo but had to give these a go when I saw the Cadbury ones, I was pleasantly surprised, I loved them and buy them everytime I go to a supermarket or shop. Would highly recommend.
A bit too much
I’m a Oreo fan and also love chocolate however didn’t enjoy that much the mix of Oreo and chocolate topper together....

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