4.7 5 0 438 438 An Oreo Choc flavoured sandwich Cookie with Vanilla flavoured Creme coated in Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Cadburys Coated Oreo
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Very yummy
So chocolaty and rich. Couldn’t have too many so the 2 bickies in a packet are a perfect little snack great little treat for the kiddies lunch boxes too 😍 definitely recommend
Not a fan!
I love Oreos but I have to say I’m not a fan of this product. They don’t taste anything like an Oreo & in fact I find them horrible. I wouldn’t purchase these again even if they were on offer. Sometimes less is more & with Oreos that is the case for me!
Good but too sweet.
Look, i have an issue with sweet stuff. I mean I love it. But this is a bit too much even for me. Definitely destined for US, not UK.
the best
i love these i didnt know oreos could taste even better but this just proved me wrong im in love with them theyre delicious and its hard to stop eating them after youve tried it
Amazing snack size oreos
Very tasty and very chocolatey, come in foil packs so can be taken in lunchboxes or snacks when out. In winter they also do white chocolate covered Oreos too.
My 14 year old son is obsessed with theses oreo coated chocolate biscuits. The creamy texture and flavor is absolutely irresistible and delicious I would highly recommend it and dont just get one box at a time, hahaha
Super tasty!
If you love Oreos, then you have to try these! The added coating of dairy milk chocolate is perfect, and still very dunkable in your milk! Really tasty, and very easy to eat too many haha!!
Too nice
We all enjoyed these they shud come with a warning lol once you eat one you want to eat them all my family and I love them definitely recommend
What’s not to like
Chocolate covered chocolate biscuits. Yum! We all love the dark chocolate tasting biscuit and the lighter chocolate filling and coating, only slight niggle is they don’t make good dunkers, unless you like chocolate all over your fingers
So tasty I only wish there were more in the packet! But love Oreo chocolate combination
I love chocolate oreos! They taste so much nice coated in chocolate. They are very tasty and one of my favourite biscuits from now on. I would recommend them to any sweet lovers.
so good
honestly really enjoyed it,chocolate melts in the mouth and the filling is lush however it can get quite sickly quite quickly .good for a treat though
Too tasty - Chocolate covered chocolate biscuit - Come on!
I love these for all the wrong reasons - they are little bombs of sugar and about as nutritious as a handful of sad. That said, dunked in a cupper - delicious!
I do love chocolate and have a sweet tooth, however I found these to be slightly sickly. They are great if you’re craving sugar but you will get full very quick
The best!!
These are the best!! If you love Oreos, you will love these!! Such a great treat to have and definitely fulfils that chocolate craving!

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