4.7 5 0 395 395 An Oreo Choc flavoured sandwich Cookie with Vanilla flavoured Creme coated in Cadbury Milk Chocolate
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Chocolate covered oreos
My 12 year old daughter really loves these. They are a real treat and so tasty. They come in little foil packs so you can use them for picnics.
Sweet snack
They look appealing but the chocolate coating made it overall too sweet. My daughter like it though.
Really nice!
I prefer these to normal oreos and only got them as they were on offer at my local shop. Taste so nice and something a bit different for a change. Would recommend for sure.
Yum yum and yum
As a very big Oreo loving family these little beauty’s were amazing are always on our shopping list as are the white chocolate ones , I mean what’s life without an Oreo , Boring I’d say
I love these, they are very chocolaty with the thick coating of chocolate. Yum! .
These are so good, if you are expecting it to taste like Oreo then prepare to be disappointed but the combination of crunchy Oreo, smooth creamy filling wrapped in Cadbury milk chocolate is a winner! Yum!
Sooo delicious
I love Oreo anyway and now they have brought out these with extra coating I just had to try them!!..they are so delicious and chocolatey can only have a couple at a time thought.
Taisty goodness
These chocolate covered oreos are delish, the amount of chocolate that covers the oreos is just right and just tops the original. There are just the right amount in the packet for the whole familt to share.
These covered Oreos were so yummy! Perfect amount in the packet for a tasty snack. Definitely recommend and have again.
Great for a quick sugar hit - a bit sweet for me so 2 at a time is more than enough.
Cadbury coated Oreos
I found these nice but very rich and sweet so wouldn't eat too many
nice surprise
didnt think id like these as dont normally like oreos but i was pleasantly surprised just the extra kick this biscuit needed! only downside is the packet finished to fast
My kids absolutely love these, perfect size for lunchbox snack too or to scoff in the evenings with a cuppa all to yourself 😜
far too sickly
I liked the thought of these beautiful looking biscuits but in reality they were quite disappointing. One biscuit left me feeling quite sick and i have quite the sweet tooth! Even the children turned their noses up at these so for that reason i wouldnt recommend them
A step up on the normal biscuit, but you still want to eat just as many. Handy little snack for lunchboxes.

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