4.8 5 0 62 62 Chocolate Ice Cream at its best. Our Indulgent Chocolate ice cream is made with 70% dark chocolate pieces from Ecuador for a delicious, authentic taste. Your perfect dessert. Try Carte D'Or Indulgent Chocolate ice cream today. A rich chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate pieces, is Rainforest Alliance Certified making it the best dessert to serve to your friends and family.
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My secret indulgence
I don’t normally buy chocolate ice cream and to be honest this appeared as a substitute in my online shopping. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it, so much so I hid it from my husband in the back of the freezer. If you’re looking for a chocolate treat you won’t go far wrong than buy this.
Carte D'or is one of my favourite ice creams i really enjoyed the taste, it is very chocolaty and rich in flavour, i would recommend this product to my friends because they love chocolate as much as i do.
Very rich
It's very rich and chocolatey, I can only manage one scoop! But is nice if you fancy something really indulgent with an excellent depth of flavour.
Very rich, very choclatey, gorgeous ice cream. Cream and definitely indulgent. What a treat!
Family favourite
It offers good value for money,It’s chocolate flavour is a hit with my children’s, has a nice consistency and melts slowly wish is great for family parties and it tastes so good.
ice cream
tried it loved it don't really like dark choc but could eat more of this
Hit the spot
This was very tasty, had a slightly bitter taste, which I found ok.
This hit me in a sad spot
I loved it it was perfect for my sweet tooth and aaah it was so good. Words cannot describe it!!!!. I loved the flavor and it was definitely worth the money. 100 percent recommend it.
Only the best will do...
When only the best will do. Carte D'or never disappoint me in their flavours. This flavour stays true to it's name is and very indulgent! You do not have to be a chocolate lover to enjoy this, you will be hooked though.
Just like what the lid says.
We had this with strawberries and it was exactly like what the lid says. Lovely creamy chocolate ice cream, very indulgent indeed.
Very dark and luxurious
This was very dark tasting. But delicious. Husband loved it!
Absolutely love this chocolate ice cream! rich, decadent with real dark chocolate chips. Won’t buy anything else
Delicious. Love Carte D'or. Rich and creamy. Srsly chocolate.
Super rich, chocolatey with chocolate shavings.
Love it! Rich, perfect mix of flavours, thick and creamy with granular texture, billions of chocolate shavings. Better than Hagan Das Belgian chocolate.
If you love chocolat you’ll flip for this flavour, indulges all your senses.

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