4.8 5 0 412 412 Mature Cheddar Snack Bar with the distinctive smooth, creamy taste of Cathedral City. A great snack for cheese lovers, with 100 calories per bar* and high in protein. It's ideal for a delicious on-the-go snack you can feel good about, or a tasty addition to your lunchbox. Enjoy straight from the fridge. Contains milk.
Cathedral City Mature Cheddar Snack Bar
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I nibbled like a mouse.
These snack bars are really good if your a guilty cheese nibbler like me but also conscious of your calorie intake and wanting to track how much your eating without having too live on bland food. - Saw these little beauties in asda and thought - 100 per bar, Yes i can eat this, not feel guilty and if i do .. can just do a bit on a 10 min workout and feel pleased.
Best cheese
Cathedral Citys cheese is a firm favourite in my household and even the children wont eat another brand! They can tell the difference! These sticks are perfect for lunchboxes and snacks.
Amazing !
These are so handy especially if you are on a counting calorie diet perfect size and a satisfying snack good value as they where on offer in my local supermarket lovely creamy texture
Handy when on the move
These are great snacks for when your on the go. They fit into your bag or lunch box easily. Even though they are small you still get the great taste as a big block of cheese.
Love them
Love these there so practical! I can keep them in my bag for little one and when hes feeling abit hungry just pop it out and give it to him, I think bigger packs would defo be an option. 100% recommend
Little snack on the go
As you would expect from Cathedral City - very tasty and handy on the move.
Quick, easy snack
What a great product to have as an adult for lunch. The size is just right for a meaningful snack and obviously the quality and taste of Cathedral city is to the highest standard. I work a job where I’m constantly on the move and rarely get to stop for lunch, these cheese sticks are perfect for a quick fill-me-up and substantial enough to keep me going until I get the chance to eat.
good cheese
always have it in my fridge, like is as a snack or just grated on my pasta, or pizza as it melt down very nicely
Handy for the kids packed lunch or a snack on the go. Like that they come individually wrapped too as saves having to wrap it yourself. Wish they had bigger bag sizes. Would defo recommend
Cathedral is one of the best cheeses
Cathedral city is undoubtedly the best cheese it's the one product I don't change. The flavour is amazing and it's perfect weather its cooked or not. It goes well with everything. To find these little snack packed made my day and is always in my lunch snacks.
Love that cheddar.
Most of the times I am buying cathedral cheddar. It has great taste and its melting so easily. Yummy.
Great for on the go!
If you are looking for a great on the go snack this is ideal. I love Cathedral City and it's great to be able to take these on a picnic or in a lunchbox. The only negative is the price point but the portion size is perfect. If they price was more reasonable I would have given it a 5 star review
Kids Favourite
My kids tried this in the packed lunch and have given it a thumbs up :) This will be remaining in there lunch boxes moving forward.
Tasty cheese
nice tasty cheese. Good on is own, better in a sandwich . Good quality and good price. The size is perfect. I highly recommend it. I think is perfect as it is. I tried with some honey on the top, delicious.
Yummy but eat in moderation
I love cheese and these are delicious, but I'm certain this can't be healthy to have too often! Being so convenient like this makes it tempting to have a lot and often, so make sure to have it in moderation!

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