4.8 5 0 382 382 Mature Cheddar Snack Bar with the distinctive smooth, creamy taste of Cathedral City. A great snack for cheese lovers, with 100 calories per bar* and high in protein. It's ideal for a delicious on-the-go snack you can feel good about, or a tasty addition to your lunchbox. Enjoy straight from the fridge. Contains milk.
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Best by far
Sorry but it has to be the best taste in cheese proper cheese this ! Always lived it and always will big thumb up for me
Keto snack
Bought these for snacking on whilst on a keto diet (high fat, high protein, low carb). Perfect size to pop in your handbag (or a lunchbox) and great for a low carb snack between meals. Creamy cheddar that is just the right strength and not too crumbly.
A bit too intense taste
For me the taste it’s just too intense. I wish it would be a bit milder
Cheesy snacks
These are tasty Cheesy snacks that are perfect for the packed lunch or on the go. The individual packets are great. The taste is lovely and of a good quality cheddar.
Good for little people
Both my children love this product. My son has a medical condition where we have to ensure he eats high fats so these being portioned are easy to manage and eat on the go. My little girl is also baby led weaning so perfect for her too
Quick and easy snack on the go !! Highly Recommended
Great snack size
These are full of flavour and perfect size for a snack and to keep track of calories.
Lovely as you would expect
These taste lovely, just as you would expect So handy for a snack anytime Delicious
Perfect for lunch boxes or for packed lunches for days out or long car journeys. My son is a cheese lover and always loves one for a little snack. Perfect size for children and handy
What it says on the tin
This is Cathedral cheddar, so no surprises. Useful for a quick bite of cheese on the go.
Great snack...
Not only for cheese lovers... A perfect, creamy snack, great taste and texture, good at any time. Easy and ready... Kids loves it as well..
Great portion control
I'm on a diet and calorie counting so love that these have the calorie content on the pack and saves me weighing some from a big block , these packs are so handy to take for lunches
Yes great. I use Cathedral cheese but these are a great product for lunch packs, children and adults. Ready wrapped and delicious to eat.
Lovely cheddar cheese sticks. Not greasy like another brand like a cheese string style cheese (!) and lovely bite size and very moorish. Would definitely recommend this cheese - need to have these on offer frequently. Thumbs up - love cheese!
The Best cheese in a convenient way
Having brought this cheese it’s so tasty yet it’s ideal for lunchboxes and picnics ,will buy this again as it’s so convenient to take out,no improvement to be made perfect everything

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