CBDfx Gummies Hair Support Biotin 1500mg

3.2 5 0 25 25 1500mg Hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) Per Bottle - 60 Gummies Food Supplement Vegan Non-GMO Broad Spectrum Suitable for Only suitable for adults age 18+
CBDfx Gummies Hair Support Biotin 1500mg


Hair vitamin
I have been taking these for around a month now and sadly haven't noticed any difference sorry
Are they sweets?
Not noticed anything after taking these and wonder whether they are actually anything more than sweets. Very disappointed - do not recommend and will not buy again very disappointed
hair grow I was told they are amazing but at this moment in time I see no difference at all
so far so good
I've only been taking this gummy for about four or five days, but let me tell you they taste like candy and it has a great texture.
Love cbd fx good quality product
I love that each gummy is 25mg cbd and you can tell its a good cbd as my hair grows quicker even my nails grow stronger
NO difference
I am very disappointed. I started to use these after a bad haircut (hairdresser cut my hair way too short). I though I put up with it's bad taste in the hope of great results but unfortunately hasn't experienced any difference or unusually quick hair growth. Expensive product for doing nothing.
I like the flavor and they smell great. Work well for me and I know I am getting good quality.
I like these
I really liked this product! I think they taste nice however I don’t know if I’ve seen much improvement
Bad taste
No improvements after a month and they taste is awful, can’t get rid of the after taste
It's alright.
These are CBD infused gummies. It states hair support? we are yet to find out, I dont like the taste so would change that. But overall very easy to chew and would like to keep trying to see the supposed benefit.
Easy to chew alternative to tablets
As someone who has a lot of problems with tablets, these sounded like a great alternative to traditional food or vitamin additives, so I gave them a try. I have tried other gummies from this company and find that they are easy to chew and have quite a nice flavour, so I was expecting the same of these. The flavour isn't horrible but it's not as pleasant as I had expected. The main thing is that, so far, I haven't noticed a huge improvement in the condition of my hair, but it's early days and I will continue with the trial to see what happens after a few weeks of use, since it takes time to build up the amount of required amount of minerals etc..
Real review
Gummies to help your hair grow I was told they are amazing but at this moment in time I see no difference at all, I recently got my hair back after all falling out due to allapicia how ever it’s spelt and wanted a help in hand, I have hair but it’s thin and still falls out quite a lot so I’ll keep trying and hopefully these gummies help as there not cheap for me to buy.
Waste of money
There was no diffrence of how I was feeling, also tastes really bad.
Nice tasting
Love the taste of these . Not only is the outcome good but tastes good
These taste horrible! I had to stop taking them as they taste so bad i felt like i was going to throw up. i saw no differences either. They need to makes these taste nice or at least do different flavours

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