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Centrum Vitamints
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This product is great, it really feels like it just give you a little extra boost of the vitamins you’re missing. Definitely notice the difference when not taking them. Recommend!
Great idea
These are a great idea - you can just suck or chew them, and they just taste like normal mints so it doesn't feel like you're taking a tablet! For me, the downside is the cost - because they're designed to be TWO a day, a big pack of 60 only lasts for 1 month. Compared to a normal multivitamin tablet, these are very very pricey (I usually get 6 months' worth for £3, whereas these are about £10 for 1 month = 20x the price of mine!!)
Was given a sample of these in Asda, also seen advertised a lot on TV. Although they are a fair bit bigger than shown on TV they taste quite nice (if a bit sweet for me) great for people who don't like taking tablets as you chew them. Good to keep in your bag as you dont need water. Also available in lemon flavour. I would buy them if looking for a multivitamin.
This is an amazing product, i feel like i was 10 years old
I would really love to try then review this product to the best of my ability would love a sample
Had try a couple of brands but not them. Would be nice to have some samples :)
Vitamints! What a great idea.. I would be worried about how sweet they are though. Are they sugar free or doe they contain sweeteners? Are they plant based sweeteners? I would definitely remember to take my vitamins if they were minty and so would my family!
Looks like a great idea! I hope they are really minty.
Yes this product seems to be a good thing it looks good

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