3.8 5 0 12 12 Tender minced lamb slow-cooked in red wine then covered with our creamy mashed potato and a crunchy topping. Stunning!
Charlie Bigham's Shepherd's Pie for 2 650g
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I tried this at a friends recently, it was very yummy for a ready made meal. Tasty but very expensive think I will stick to homemade. Not sure it would feed 2 very hungry people either.
The quality of the mince is so much better. You dont get the chewy Grisley bits that put you off that you find in other ready meals. Nice taste but could do with a touch more seasoning/richness as it lacks this. The price of this is mad. I only purchased this when heron foods got it in the xsell stock and i found the origal packaging hadnt fully been took off before the xsell packaging was added. So if you ever find these in a heron foods i would reccomend as it was only £1-£1.50! I appreciate the reduced plastic packaging used, Although the wood tends to stank a bit in the oven
If you have a last minute special occasion you need to cook for in a hurry then this product might do but its extremely expensive compare with other high end ready made meals that taste just as good if not better. I feel 80% of the price is in the brand name and he didn't cook it himself. This product doesn't have enough difference from others on the market to justify the price
Delicious rich flavourful mince in generous quantity smothered in real mashed potato tasting of buttery goodness. Ample portions for two just add so veg and your're good to go ..easy peasy ...or petit pois will do.
Was very impressed not to much potato and plenty of meat and vegatables. I ate the whole one to myself with some fresh crusty bread and butter yum yum
Very nice tasting but very expensive
Have bought this and others in the range a few times. Glad that there’s a significant difference in the plastic content unlike others. However the cost of these are too high and I only now tend to buy them when there is a promotion. The taste is better than alternatives but cannot replace home cooked in cost and taste.
Very nice
I loved this cottage pie, plenty of meat and lovely gravy with creamy cheesy mash in top. Will buy again.
Nice but expensive
Lovely product very meaty but did find it expensive compared to other ones I have purchased.
I love Charlie binghams products but they are just too expensive!! I buy when they are reduced!! tastes wonderful, but price tag too hefty when normal price. good that you cook in its own box is a plus!
Just like homemade
Recently became a mum again, being on the go with a toddler and a newborn I still wanted to keep up with home cooked meals. My husband and I enjoyed this choice of meal, along with some extra veg I cooked, as my husbands a big eater. I like the fact you can see the pre-cooked meal through the packaging! And my son uses the packaging after to play with in the sandpit. So I feel a lot of consideration has gone into this product.
Quirky Packaging
Packaging looks good, meal was tasty and filling, good ratio of meat/veg. I’m not convinced it was value for money, I enjoyed the meal but feel I was paying mostly for the packaging rather than the content. I would probably buy again.
Pricey for what you get
This meal is fairly tasty, lots of flavour. Unfortunately the price is extortionate for what you actually get. There aren’t many options about that are nicer and for much less money.

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