4.7 5 0 140 140 We hand top our stonebaked deli crust with our epic tomato sauce, the tastiest ingredients and a loada cheese. That's our deli pizza. Straight up!
Chicago Town The Stonebaked Deli Crust Straight-up Salami
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The best frozen Pizza available.
Chicago town does some of the best frozen pizza. The sauce is rich, a hint of italian herbs and thick. The cheese is plentiful unlike a lot of other brands. It melts really well to create a stringy, creamy topping which doesn't turn into a pool of grease. The Salami tasted great, mild and meaty without excessive fat. The Salami is cut just right so it becomes crispy around the edge while remaining moist and meaty in the centre when cooked as directed. The base is excellent, good bite, no soggy bottom and while the crust has a bit of crunch it also has a little bit of fluffy dough. Also, the price! A bargain for this quality which puts a number of rather expensive delivery pizza companies to shame. Perfect!
Quick and easy meal for a busy mummy and my boys loved it cheaper than the take away and taste great
Tastes beautifu
Really lovely, tasting pizza and it smells amazing.
Now this is a meaty treat, full of flavour just the right amount of salami and cheese not too strong just right. I think if they had a stuffed crust with chorizo and pepper it would be the bomb creation.
One of the nicer frozen pizzas. Nice crust, good amount of toppings
these are really nice
these pizzas are really nice and tasty. i love the crust of these ones very tasty and not hard when cooked like some ive tried. loove the amount of cheese and toppings liked by all the family
Nice but expensive
Tried this and taste really nice however the price around £3.50 is a tad to expensive for what it is. Cheaper ones out there that taste the same
A go to!
One of my favourites! Takes 10 minutes in the oven, the pizza is delicious and the crust is full and ooZing with a comforting hangover cure.
I buy the pizza at my work a a lot and we love it it our household
Pizza nights
Delicious we as a family really enjoy pizza night and this is ideal for us
Very tasty pizza! I’ve tasted a lot already But this is the most delicious
Like it
I really like the pizza from Chicago Town, and like this with salami and mozzarella.
Love it
They continue the tasty pizzas, cook throughout with nice melted cheese. Loved it
Delicious very cheesy Definitely will buy again My son really enjoyed this
Really pizza
This pizza was easy to cook.it had a great taste and a nice base.it wasnt too oily or greasy. I enjoyed it and was a great part of my Friday even.

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