4.7 5 0 128 128 We hand top our stonebaked deli crust with our epic tomato sauce, the tastiest ingredients and a loada cheese. That's our deli pizza. Straight up!
Chicago Town The Stonebaked Deli Crust Straight-up Salami
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Like it
I really like the pizza from Chicago Town, and like this with salami and mozzarella.
Love it
They continue the tasty pizzas, cook throughout with nice melted cheese. Loved it
Delicious very cheesy Definitely will buy again My son really enjoyed this
Really pizza
This pizza was easy to cook.it had a great taste and a nice base.it wasnt too oily or greasy. I enjoyed it and was a great part of my Friday even.
Very tasty good size pizza, with pepperoni and nice cheese on it. It taste definitely like the restaurant one. The base is good, tasty aswell. Our family liked it and we will buy more of it
As good as a restaurant
I use a pizza stone in our oven to cook these and they are always as good as a restaurant. No soggy base, even topping distribution and nice crunchy crust. Great to have in the freezer for emergencies
Really good pizza
As far as Frozen pizza's go, this is probably the best brand out there. Lots of toppings, and just the right amount of base. The only pizzas I don't end up burning in the oven! 10/10 would reccomend.
Get in my belly!!! Yum!
Really delicious pizza at a great price. Tastes authentic and has a light but filling base with plenty of meat and cheese to complement the bread. I would buy it again and again!
The only pizza worth eating
This is the only brand of pizza that my 10 year old daughter will eat. It has the perfect base, not too soft, but not rock hard. The right amount of tomato and cheese topping and the best ratio of salami that isn't too spicy & hot for her.
A hit
These went down really well in my house. Loads of flavour and nice and cheesy. Plenty to share around. Will be purchasing this again when I have people around visiting. Kids enjoyed aswell
Great pizza
Very tasty and nice would recommend to family and friends
This is tasty and the crust is delicious, quick and easy meal
Loved this, very tasty and filling though high in calories so only a wee treat every so often
Too greasy
Tried cooking this and found that it was just dripping in grease. I prefer them more crusty so that your hand don't become loaded in oil after eating them. Also it is very un healty compared to other pizzas on the market nutrition wise.
best pizza
great taste, nice tomato base, easy cooked base. quick and easy

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