3.3 5 0 11 11 2-in-1 wash & mask. Oil-free. Daily wash clears blackheads, lifts away dirt & impurities. T-zone mask absorbs blackhead causing excess oil.
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Facial Scrubs
I have suffered with spots for some years now and I can honestly say I must of used every facial cleanser available this being one of them, none have even worked a fraction as of yet, didn't find this one all that cleaver.
Leaves your face feeling clean
Love this it’s got to be one of my favourite face washes of all time. My face feels super clean off using this, my teenage daughter even using this and it helps her loads with her acne. I defiantly recommend to try this
Dry the skin
I tried this product in the past but have stopped since it didn't much in removing or reducing the black heads and felt that the skin got quite dried. It might work well for someone with very oily skin, though.
I love 2in1 mask face washes. As a mask this product works well. The skin feels very fresh and clean. The smell is pleasant as well. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a slightest difference in appearance of my blackheads and I used this product for over 3 months, twice a day.
I haven't tried this product yet I have tried the face wash ..and in the past I have tried the pore strips but not really seen a difference and would like to try this product so I know I can trust that this is the right treatment for me as I have spent a bit of money on different brands and products with no joy 😂
i still get blackheads on my nose by my eyes would love to try
I've got a few blackheads that need removed I would like to try this new products
would love to try can never find anything that actually works maybe this will give me great benefits x
Although I have never tried this product, Clean and Clear has a good reputation for helping sort out problem skin. I have used their cleansers before and it did help my skin to improved. I love the idea that this products aims to target blackheads while also cleaning the skin so I would definitely want to give this a try see what the results are like on my skin.
I would like to try this product. Have tried other brands but not to happy with the smell
I have never tried this. I always thought blackheads where s teenage thing! How wrong am I!??? My nose is covered in them and I'm 30

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