4.7 5 0 333 333 Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls: Dive into a fresh world of invigorating scents. Comfort Intense Perfume Pearls Fresh Sky is a new fragrance booster from Comfort, which, will fragrance your clothes like never before when used with Comfort Intense. This in-wash scent booster contains concentrated perfume pearls, which deliver more fragrance than just fabric conditioner alone. Simply add Comfort Intense Fragrance Pearls to your usual laundry routine.
Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Perfume Pearls
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Highly recommend
These are brilliant! They make my washing smell absolutely amazing, I also use these in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling fresh, I pop them in a little organza bag.
The smell lasts for so long!
I love this, it makes my laundry smell amazing and the smell lasts for ages too. You can still smell it after the clothes have been left in the wardrobe for a while.
Smells lovely
Love this it makes my clothes smell much nicer and the scent lasts a lot longer. It also makes my clothes much softer. I like to put these in little material bags in my drawers to keep them smelling fresh.
Smells amazing, boost the smell and leaves the clothes soft
i use the pearls lately instead of liquid softener. you really need very less of these and you get so much fragrance. i love the product! for me its really important that the fragrance stays long enough and once ironed you feel clothes are fully refreshed.
This is basically a cheaper version of the other brand but they smell very strong if not stronger than the lenor balls which is good and they last a while aswell it's good when running low on money
Multiple uses
Love the fresh smell of these. I use in the laundry but I also put a few in my vacuum cleaner to keep it smelling fresh
Great smell
I have tried a few names and own brand pearls but have gone back to this time and time again. It has a great smell and last for a long time after laundering. Also like some others doesn’t leave any pearls stuck to the washing. Would definitely recommend 👍
Top marks!
The clothes come out smelling amazing! I love these little things that you throw straight into the drum! The fragrance last quite a while too.
Reasonable price - good product
I have tried many variants of these pearls used to give your laundry a fresh smell.i liked the easy container and the fragrance but found that it did not last for a long time so this was disappointing as I really did like the fragrance.
love this product leaves clothes smelling great even after being in the drawer
Lovely and fresh
Leaves a lovely and fresh smell on your clothing. Just add a cap into the machine.
Won this in a competition recently. It’s not something I would have previously purchased but my eyes have been opened! What a lovely scent this leaves on your washing and it lasts forever. Had so many complements. Would recommend.
Smell amazing
I love these I get compliments everywhere I go even my kids school teacher pulled me to ask what i use because my washing smells amazing definitely recommend if u like your washing to smell strong
Love love love
I use these on every wash and the compliments I get especially on my children coats and school uniform. The smell is amazing I just wish they were more widely stocked as it is hard to find!! Personally prefer to lenor unstoppables. Best place I purchase is Amazon with a pantry box...

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