Comfort Ultimate Care Fresh Sky Fabric Conditioner

4.8 5 0 575 575 We know you love your clothes. We love clothes too, and we want to help you to care for them. That’s why we’ve developed Comfort Ultimate Care Fresh Sky Ultra-Concentrated Fabric Conditioner which provides complete clothes protection. Our Ultimate Care fabric conditioner contains a revolutionary PRO-FIBRE technology which penetrates deep down between the fibres of your clothes and helps protect them from damage caused by washing. It helps to protect fibres, helps to lock colours and helps to retain shape in the clothes you love. As well as protecting your clothes, this fabric softener has a long-lasting fragrance that delivers intense waves of freshness inspired by the great outdoors, bursting with the fragrance of fruits, flowers and a hint of wood for an extra-fresh smell long after wash. Comfort Ultimate Care Fabric Softener is also kind to our planet as it comes in a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic* and has an ultra-concentrated formula, which means you can use a smaller dose whilst saving 34% more plastic** with smaller bottles. How to use: Pour a 15 ml dose straight into the correct compartment of your washing machine drawer along with your favourite laundry detergent. Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Choose the right wash setting and let your machine take care of the rest, as it releases the fabric conditioner during the final rinse cycle. Add Comfort to your wash to help protect your clothes and leave you feeling great inside and outside every day. Comfort is the original fabric conditioner in the UK and has been caring for clothes for over 50 years. Together, we can help protect the clothes you love #LongLiveClothes. *excluding cap and spout **compared with other Comfort conditioner bottles
Comfort Ultimate Care Fresh Sky Fabric Conditioner


Wonderful long lasting fragrance
Recently tried this new product from Comfort and was really pleased with the lovely new fragrance and which lasted for days. I was also impressed with how soft everything felt. I will definitely buy again and would recommend.
Soft and Pleasant
Tend to use this product on my towels as it makes them softer and has a pleasant smell. The fact that it’s concentrated means you don’t need to use too much.
Love the fragrance
Comfort is such a reliable brand for long lasting fabric conditioner as it leaves my clothes smelling superbly fresh for longer! The ultra concentration means that you can use less & make the bottle last even longer which is fantastic, especially when you're doing frequent washes!
Does it's job. Long lasting nice scent. Really like it
Gives clothes such a lovely fragrance
I really like this fragrance in the comfort range, this is one of my top two. My clothes always feel soft and have such a fresh smell after using it, they smell line dried, I have previously recommended this to friends and family and would definitely recommend again.
So fresh
I use this product all the time and it is amazing It leaves your clothes so soft and they smell amazing. I always do a wash before anyone comes because the house smells gorgeous afterwards perfect
fresh fragrance
smells great, i have tried all of the range this is best the fragrance is fresh and lasts so well even the washing machine even smells fresh after use, my son is a car technician even his smells good after this
Mmmmm clean bedding
Comfort Ultimate Care Fresh Sky Fabric Conditioner gives our bedding a fresh clean fragrance. Especially great when washing our dog bedding. Highly recommended
Lond Lasting Fragrance
The ultra concentrated Fabric Conditioner is perfect for my clothes leaving the fragrance lingering even after a long Drying cycle. The quantity of product I need to use is less and I prefer the XL pack as its value for money.
Great product at a great price. This product makes my clothes feel and smell amazing!! It is definitely one of my favourite fabric conditioners.
Best out there
I love comfort ultimate softener it makes such a difference to my laundry it’s so soft and refreshing and my grandchildren now bring there blankets to grandma’s house especially for me to wash! And I love to do this for them as I get so much comfort knowing that your comfort is giving them comfort and love
Great fabric conditioner
I don't often use conditioner any more, but certain clothes need a bit of extra TLC. This has definitely made a difference to them - they feel soft, as well as last longer.
Fresh clothes
Bottle looks appealing with all bright colours fabric softner smells really concentrated makes clothing smell need to use less therefore saving n softner
Packaging is very appealing. Leaves clothes feeling soft and smelling lovely. Only softener I use now.
Great product
I am love this product for its price. This beautiful product makes my clothes feel and smell amazing. It is my favourite fabric conditioner!

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