4.6 5 0 276 276 New Corsodyl Complete Protection goes beyond an ordinary mouthwash. It brings together the expertise behind our advanced gum mouthwash with all you need to help keep our teeth strong, giving you the 8 benefits for healthier gums and stronger teeth. Use twice daily in combination with toothbrushing.
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Easy to use not to strong and very effective would definitely reccomend
Clean and fresh
I was told about this Corsodyl mouth wash and because it was for gums and help towards stronger teeth and gums, sounds good. Been using this for a month and can really see and feel such a change in my gums and teeth. My gums were not sore & red my teeth felt and looked so much better. No more bleeding gums when brushing. So glad I gave this a good try 101% pleased. I will recommend this to friends & family or anyone that has sore gums and need to better there teeth.
I really love this mouth rinse, I have sensitive teeth and I find some products too harsh but this one is really gentle with no burning sensation. I feel clean fresh and protected with corsodyl daily.
My sensitive teeth are a big problem. This is my transition to the product. I always have one in my bathroom
One of the best
Very nice taste and it really helps to got a fresh breath.
Great mouthwash
I had problems with my gums and plaque build up which this really helped with. A lovely fresh taste and my moth feels healthier after using. Would recommend.
It’s gotta be corsodyl
No other mouthwash will do. You know with corsodyl that it will definitely work- giving you fresh breath and kill bacteria to keep your oral hygiene tip top! It’s good that there’s now the daily version as well as the concentrated. Recommended it to my gran who’s been having gum issues lately and it’s worked wonders for her.
Great for bleeding gums and even helps sore tongues. Not as strong in taste as other mouth washes
Was advised to use this by my dentist. Taste stays with me a little to long if I’m honest but it helped stopped my gums bleeding and does make you feel fresh
Great mouthwash
I use this every day without fail and it really keeps my teeth healthy and great. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and lovely without burning your mouth. The taste is great although it comes in other flavours!!
My go to product
I love it! My sensitive teeth is a big problem. This is my go to product. I always have one in my bathroom
Perfect for bleeding gums
My gums were bleeding when brushing my teeth so tried this. Stopped the bleeding and tastes OK. Was really worried about my gums but not any more.
Good product
I tried this product because my gums kept bleeding when i brushed them,, so i was reccomended this from pharmacist...it was brilliant bleeding stopped within a week..it taste ok not to strong and makes mouth feel clean and fresh.
Perfect for bleeding guns
I have been recommended to use this by my dentist to stop my gums bleed. After use mouth feels extra fresh and also helps a lot my gums. I would recommend this product to my friends.
Good mouth wash
I use this every day , it leaves your mouth feeling very clean , it is quite a strong taste but I like that

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