Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste

4.5 5 0 86 86 Helps stop and prevent bleeding gums
Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste


Perfect for sensitive gums and teeth
Instant relief for gums and teeth. The only toothpaste that helped me during my pregnancy when my teeth get extra sensitive
must have if you have dental issues
if you are using this for first time then might not like its taste. it takes about a week to get used to it. but i swear to god this is the best toothpaste i have used. it helped with my inflamed and bleeding gum.also no more bad breath in the morning.
Must have if you have problems with gums
Corsodyl saves my bleeding gums getting healthier every day ... Just a small problem as my teeth become more sensitive ...
Keeps gums healthy
This toothpaste did wonders for my gums that were starting to bleed dentist identified Gum disease. Six months later no Gum disease having used this toothpaste continuously for the six motthis period.
Corsodyl is a fantastic brand and is a brand i think of when in pain with oral health. The toothpaste has many benefits and does perform but the taste is very strong and overwhelming. However with the results you will be overjoyed.
Would recommend
I bought Corsodyl toothpaste after my gums were bleeding and one of my friends recommended it to me. It definitely works. My gums stopped bleeding. My hygienist noticed the difference too.
Fresh taste
I like the new fresh taste. However, it doesn't taste as good as the original. Also, the paste seems a bit on the thin side.
Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste
Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste has a thick unusual texture. Cleans well but it becomes very frothy when brushing. Unusual taste but does the job. Recommended by the dentist. Good for helping slow down bleeding gums.
i bough it on recommendation from dentist to help with my gums and sensitive teeth works really well
Really made a difference
Really made a difference to the amount of times my gums bled
Toothpaste try out
After initially using the toothpaste and noticing the benefits of it after a more prolonged period of usage I found that it irritated my tongue to the point where it felt as if it was burning. It affected my ability to taste food and drink. However it did help with my gums
Corsadyl toothpaste
I found this extremely helpful when I had bleeding gums also used the mouthwash ,My gums stopped bleeding after a couple of weeks ,I still use it occasionally I would highly recommend it doesn't taste that great but it does the job.
Very good
I bought this paste because I have a problem with the gums, I could not stand the pain anymore and when I used this paste, the pain immediately subsided, it helped me a lot, the only downside is the taste a bit too spicy for me but if it affects the pain bad taste does not bother me
Wonder relief!
I was advised by my daughter a Dental Nurse to use this product after having a sharp pain when drinking a cold drinks, I was a little sceptical,however, was astounded at the instant relief it gave. If you have sensitive teeth use this it's a wonder product...I wonder why I had never used it before. Amazing!
Pilot pens
Absolutely brilliant. Super handy and lovely colour.

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