4.6 5 0 8 8 Cow & Gate are passionate about helping little ones learn to love good food. Our Little Bowl range, specially created for little taste buds, is cooked by steaming quality veggies to lock in flavour. Each recipe is seasoned with a pinch of herbs, spices or a touch of garlic for a delicious taste without the need for salt.
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baby loved it
not enough beef imo though guys, whack some gravy in
Great value
Bought for my 9 month old she loved it that much she was grabbing at it with her hands to get it in her mouth faster, very easy to heat up all you need is a spoon and away you go.
A big hit with my little one
Love the look of these, look so much better than the jar food that I have previously been buying, looked more like a healthy meal than paste! Little one ate it all, the smell while it was heating up was lovely too! They are on offer for 2 for a £1, I think this price is acceptable and wouldn’t pay much more.
Baby food
I tried these with my little boy as there always handy when your on the go, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely buy again. And there 2 for £1 in homebargains so super cheap.
4/5 my little one loved it
My little girl really liked these although for us there was a little too much for one meal and used to have them over 2 day. Kept well in fridge inn air tight container.
my baby loves
my baby tried this and loved it was gd nutriouse forthmthat makes me happy
Would recommend
My little boy really enjoys eating these Cow&Gate little bowls. They are really easy to warm up and have a range of flavours for your baby. I would highly recommend this to all parents.
Love these
My child really seems to enjoy these. I like that they have a reusable lid as when he’s teething he doesn’t eat that much and it’s easy to store unheated food without using another bowl.

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