4.7 5 0 24 24 Cow & Gate are passionate about helping little ones learn to love good food. Our Little Bowl range, specially created for little taste buds, is cooked by steaming quality veggies to lock in flavour. Each recipe is seasoned with a pinch of herbs, spices or a touch of garlic for a delicious taste without the need for salt.
Cow & Gate Little Bowls Mashed Potato Beef & Veggies from 7 Months Onwards 200g
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High quality ingredients
My little boy loved these I was unsure about using pot meals for my little boy as a first time mum I was new to everything , I found this in boots on offer so I brought a few different options to try and was incredibly surprised at the quality of the ingredients there full of veg and the vitamins babys need and my son loved them and they were really simple to prepare
good food
my baby girl love this mashed potatoes,beef and veggies they are great on the go ,or if you are away from home or even if you didn't make dinner yet and baby is hungry this is great.My little girl loves so form me is an information that it is tasty.
nice meal
my baby usually eat what I cook but if we are on the trip and far from home ,sometimes I do use one of this and this one is one of my child favourite meal,nice,tasty and the size of the bowl is just perfect
My little one can be very picky food wise but this he polished off immediately. Its full of the veg. And is just the right size to feed hungry bellies
Kids love them!
When my son was old enough to have solids he absolutely loved these! So easy to pop in your baby bag and take out and about on adventures.
Great for out and about.
I've always cooked my kids their own meals since they started weaning at 6 months old but I came across this once when my son was hungry and we was late getting home and I had no food with me and I must say it is perfect for on the go! My mother in law loves to pick them up for the grandkids for when she takes them to the park and it's still warm by time she gets there. The little pots are, perfect size for storing meals in freezer for little ones at a later date too. I wont was much for the taste hence the 3 star as it is pretty disgusting but that goes for pretty much all the baby jarred foods. Overall its pretty handy for busy mums
Good to use
My daughter loves this for a dinner or a lunch when we havent had time to home make any food for her. Full of good stuff and not too big so you are wasting any. Can be microwaved or heating up in a pan or in hot water.
Good baby food
Better than we expected, would highly recomend it. Excellent range very good value for money and lots of difference varieties. Our little one loves her porridge and the fruit ones.
Baby loves this
Perfect for a quick and healthy meal, my 8 month old loved it and cried when I didn't get it in quick enough
Good item
my little boy loved this ideal for on the go meals , smells good as well
Its a hit!
Gave my baby this to try while on a day out. She loved every bit of it.
brilliant on the go
i find these brilliant when we are on the go and require something quick and healthy to heat the lil one , i will admit whilst heating this i am quite tempted to eat this myself
Great baby food
My little boy absolutely loves this meal! He’s a big fan of meat and veggies and eats as much of this as he can, as fast as he can haha. It’s cheap to buy in Tesco or Asda, although Asda always do deals on Abby food!
Great quick choice for meal times!
Great baby meal! It is made with healthy products and a really good quick meal option when weaning. They taste really nice and look appetising too which is unusual for baby food. I would recommend to all new mums especially for taking out and about as a meal option!
my little girl loves these pot they r so tasty compared to the jars, they r a little more expensive, you can tasty the godness inside the pots like they made with fresh produce

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