0 5 0 0 Cox & Co. Bee Pollen & Honey Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is now available. The manufacturer claims to use the best chocolate that can be found and combine it with unique flavours. This fully sustainable product is made using the cacao supplied by the Casa Luker estate in Colombia who works closely with local farmers to guarantee quality, traceability and ethical chocolate that is child and slave labour free. This product is made with 61% cocoa dark chocolate blended with honey and a sprinkling of bee pollen to deliver the perfect rich dark hit balanced with just the right level of sweetness. The product has no refined sugars is suitable for vegetarians and retails in 170g pack featuring Great Taste 2019 and the Facebook and Instagram logos. The packaging used is made from fully biodegradable card, vegetable-based inks and compostable film bags made from wood pulp sourced from managed locations, 100% sustainable with no single use plastics.
Cox & Co. Bee Pollen & Honey Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
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