4.5 5 0 62 62 Made with a minimum of 60% animal sources, CRAVE Adult Dry Dog Food is inspired by a dog's natural diet. CRAVE with Lamb & Beef is made with Fresh Beef for a high protein recipe which helps support strong and healthy muscles for your dog. CRAVE Dog Food is made without grains and has no artifical colours or flavours Complete dry pet food for adult (1+ years) dogs.
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Raw fed dog treat
I have 3 dogs and I raw feed and use this occasionally when on offer to supplement them for treats .My lot loved it and they very from large breed to small breed dogs .
Great for Fussy Eaters
As I waited on the usual sniff and walk off, I was delighted that both my pups stayed out and munched the whole bowl! Great bite size for my two Bichons and good value!
my jack is a bit of a fussy eater but he loved this. Usually I have to mix some wet food or gravy with biscuits to get him to eat them but he munched these up straight away. Must be good! X
My fussy cat loved these!! He ate it all and was happy for more at his next meal which doesn’t happen with all brands
Really good
Bought this for my dog as it was on offer and he really enjoyed it, easy for him to eat, he ate every bit, very impressed
My dog absolutely loved it
We managed to get a bag of this at my local store and you can get your first bag free by claiming the money back. But my dog absolutely loved it so I have been back to buy more. I am always on the look out for new dog food for my dog has she has sensitive skin so if any food will help then I am all for it. And this one never made her itch some dog foods. This was a definite favourite of hers.
My dog loves this
I have a very fussy dog who usually turns his nose up to dry food but he loved this . I also used them as rewards treats for him . I’ve added these plus there other flavours to my weekly shop!!
With two very fussy dogs. I certainly dodmt struggle to get them to eat this!
Good for the price
Well i bought this product for my 2 dogs. And thought that i will give it a go and they liked it. At the beginning they just snift looked confused with new smell but after a few snifs the bowls were empty. Good product.
Dog loved it
My dog loved this product But could do with the size of pouch being bigger but overall he found it tasty
Dog wouldn't eat it
Looks good but dog left it. Though I do have a rather fussy dog. Expensive too
Cats loved it
My cats both lined up at the bowl for this and emptied the bowl in one sitting! Didn’t smell too nasty and had a good texture to it ! An empty bowl is always a good indication of a good cat food!
Less sugar please
Too many ingredients that are ‘not natural. ... To much sugar for a small dog or any dog for that matter..... as the organs cannot cope More natural less fake is what I would like.
Dog loved these but bit pricey
Dog loved but find the price abit much. But dogs fussy and enjoyed so will carry on getting
He loved it
Never seen my lad eat so quick, thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend if you dogs a fussy eater

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